When did you first become interested in modeling?

I first became interested in modeling when I was about 10 years old! Growing up with all sisters and 1 brother had a huge impact on me, because I was always surrounded by mostly females. Having an older sister to look up to influenced my decision to “hurry up and grow up.” On TV, in magazines, or even just in public I obsessed over clothing, looking and feeling pretty, and new style ideas. Family members, and even random strangers would always tell me “you need to model, you’re beautiful.” However, at that age I wasn’t fully interested in doing whatever it took to make it. I really became interested in modeling once I gave birth to my daughter! I realized how quickly life changes and before time kept passing by, I decided to finally fulfill my dream of modeling, especially to prove to my daughter that no matter what obstacles life may throw you, it’s

always important to believe in yourself, and do anything in your power to reach those goals!!


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