Desirous: Kasha Marie

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Justin Marroquin

Kasha Marie

It takes confidence and motivation to get in front of the camera, and Kasha Marie exudes both of those qualities and much more. Represented by Bella Life Models, Kasha Marie is energetic and is driven to achieve all her goals not only as a model, but as a person as well. You’ll come away impressed by this down-to-earth model after reading this interview.

When did you get interested in modeling?

Kasha Marie: I first became interested in modeling when I was about ten-years old. Growing up with all sisters and one brother had a huge impact on me, because I was always surrounded by mostly females. Having an older sister to look up to influenced my decision to “hurry up and grow up.” On TV, in magazines, or even just in public I obsessed over clothing. Looking and feeling pretty; and new style ideas. Family members, and even random…

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Timeless Bond Girl 2014

Just received an email announcement that I’ve made it to the top 15 contestants out of 300 chosen for this years Bond Girl Contest.  This event is HUGE!!!!  I need all the support I can get so please vote for me and share the link to allow your friends and family to vote as well!!!  We have 1 week to get me votes to make it to the top 12. Vote vote vote!!!


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