I woke up this morning to over 30 posts of women and a few men showing me how they #breakteeth. How ironic that seeing those smiles made me smile. Like I said, smiles are absolutely contagious. I did not specify in my #Breakteeth post how long I would be running this campaign, or “attempting” to run it, I should say. I told myself I would take a HUGE risk of posting the #Breakteeth article, and then take a small ounce of confidence and aim to spread the hashtag, the article, and the smile. It was so crazy that that small ounce of confidence, and that one smile turned into over 35 smiles and a GIANT boost of confidence straight to my heart. I’ve been smiling since posting the article, and that is a true blessing!

Many of your friends and family have asked about #Breakteeth and I wanted to just clarify a few things! I in NO means started this movement to put others down, especially those who may not agree with the words stated in my article! These were not aimed at any specifics, but all generalized, especially towards many factors in this generation. Also, I wanted to share with you all that #Breakteeth is (fingers crossed), not just a one time movement, but I am hoping for the word to spread throughout the entire year. To those who haven’t broken yet, I will get you to break ;).

Share a smile, and it will travel, I promise. It is the magic of our era. word of mouth is my absolute favorite. Kim K’s #breaktheinternet showed us how quickly a photo could take over our internet, it was ALL everyone was talking about, for days, for weeks, for 2014. I am a 23 year old woman, a mother, from the smallest state. I aim to #breakteeth, break the internet, throughout Rhode Island, by showing the internet your teeth;something that holds the most confidence.. this is 4O1fierce. I want Rhode Island to know;first. I want us to break through each state. I have faith in Rhode Island. But ironically, growing up in this state has not been the easiest. I’ve tried to leave the state, and my heart stopped me. I grew up in a few different towns, experiencing different people, and almost identical atmospheres  All showed me no difference, nothing life changing to better myself. A bunch of people surrounded by hatred, and lots of self esteem issues. Me being one of them. I am trying to change that. I am trying fiercely to not allow my boundaries to block my future. This is why I am trying to BREAK. I aim to break teeth through lips. To change my idea of my home. To then change your ideas of your generation. A small step at proving a kind gesture, like a smile will boost your confidence, make someone else smile, make you feel welcoming;then eventually feel welcomed by others. If we are confident in ourselves, our lives, why make someone else feel less confident about them and theirs right? Bullying has spread, it’s always been around, as long as we’ve smiled for. So why can’t we be kind? be confident enough to show others your confidence, it encourages them to be confident. Chain-reaction. 

So there comes #Myconfidencemonday a reason to smile for yourself. This generation wants to feel wanted, in love, regardless of if the other person is deserving. This generation wants to impress, regardless if that means putting others down to feel secure. 

We become blind to our real beauty because we are always comparing, always trying to prove to others that we are secure. We are happy. We have a “#MANCRUSHMONDAY” .And please don’t think I am being hypocritical, I luhhhhh my man crush ;). Just put yourself first is my main point. We have a #Womancrushwednesday as well. I could go on. The point is, we are putting others first, but being blind to our beauty. Or maybe just shielding it, or too scared to say that we feel beautiful.

When Instagram downloaded, the hashtags, like #Mancrushmonday, came from somewhere, from someone who wanted to show that man off right?! Well why can’t we start in the 4O1 with this hashtag? #Breakteeth. #MCM and #WCW became contagious, like all of your smiles. Everyone wants to feel confident. EVERYONE. All races, all genders. EVERYONE.

So welcome back to #Breakteeth and hello #MyconfidenceMonday 

 As I said before, the ones who choose to cover their mouths with their hands, or even smirk through their lips; hold an insecurity. Let’s remember what makes us confident; our smiles. So let’s keep it going y’all! As I watch you #BreakTeeth 


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