Share and spread Satunday :D

Hey everyone! it’s been wayyy too long, I know. I have been focusing on working a ton and trying to get back into the school year-gear. I feel fixing things that I’ve wanted to work on is what’s best before I can focus completely on helping inspire others. I can’t make others happy until I am fully happy as well. 

I am putting in my order this week for my #breakteeth beanies! They will be up for sale, and for $9.99. I am using all funds to pay WordPress the annual fee, to upgrade my account in order to post videos, which will help broadcast my campaign! 

It has been almost 1 month since I introduced the “internet” to #breakteeth. I have gotten messages, comments, and even questions in person about what exactly #breakteeth is all about, and what I plan to do with it. 

Happy 3rd #breakteeth Saturday! I want to touch on a few topics tonight. First on sharing. We all learned this concept in Elementary school, even earlier, when our parents and elders informed us that “sharing is caring.” We all used to have a tough time with it right? Even now I have a tough time sharing my clothing ;).  But isn’t this my focus? Sharing my hashtag, so that you all can share it with your friends and family? Sharing turns to spreading. Spreading this hashtag as far as possible has been my goal entirely. 

Sharing has been a concept that many of us chose to embody differently as we’ve grown. Some people choose to share way too much information, especially personal information on the internet, while others choose to spread their opinions on why those people shouldn’t have posted that “nonsense.”  But what is more important than the internet guys? REALITY. Some people forget that the internet is purely an outlet. A social one. This is where we share photos, interests, opinions, etc. And what happened when we were young and didn’t want to share? We bullied. We tugged our toys away and said we didn’t want to share, that was “my toy.” Today it has turned to us bullying over the internet because the things we have chosen to share have become much more than fighting over a toy; people don’t like what other people choose to share. The internet keeps spreading hate, actually, no…we are using the internet to spread hate. And as I said, this goes beyond the internet, and into reality. 

Do me a favor. If you haven’t participated at all in my campaign because hmm, maybe you’ve felt like you couldn’t relate, or maybe you’ve been unsure of the motive, at least partake in this task I share with you. The next time you leave your house, whether you go to class, to work, or even to the grocery store, #BREAKTEETH. You don’t have to post a “selfie” or inbox me your smile. I have had over 30 people share their teeth with me already. I want you to #breakteeth to experience what I am seeing. How the world has transformed. How the internet has broken reality. #Breakteeth at a stranger, and watch what happens. I have found that weirdly, I am always smiling, especially in public, and at my job. I have had customers say to me “You must love your job, keep smiling” “Do you ever stop smiling?” etc. These were all comments this past month; which has been the biggest influence on this post tonight. 

The customers at my job are completely diverse, especially in age. Of all of these people whom I smile at daily, I receive such rare results when I #Breakteeth. The world has gone angry. Half of the people walk with their heads down, staring into their cell-screens, rather than the eyes of a stranger. It screams one word at me, uncomfortable. People have become uncomfortable with others, mostly because they are not comfortable or satisfied with themselves. It’s so sad that we can’t exchange smiles anymore. We don’t share smiles. We don’t spread smiles. So to everyone who has felt they could not relate to my campaign, please take the time to smile at, at least 3 strangers this week, maybe 5. Only a few smile back. I’ve noticed especially our generation were the ones who did not smile back, maybe an awkward smirk, then looked down into their phones again.

Let’s share a smile and see if it can spread. We can #breakteeth on the internet, but what is more important is making sure we are comfortable with sharing our smile in public. How can we be fully confident if we shut ourselves out from the world? We sit here and notice when the Kardashians post a new trendy selfie, or “omg she got a boobjob”, but when is the last time you sat outside, looked up to the clouds and realized they are moving so slowly, as we sit still shutting ourselves out from reality. And shutting ourselves out starts with keeping our smiles shutdown. That’s the one way we keep to ourselves. Staying serious, not sharing that smile.

And now it’s time to spread. What should be important to all of us as humans is to help one another. To give back, or to inspire another person is the most rewarding feeling, which so many of you have already allowed me to experience. The next task is to spread, along with spreading #breakteeth , spread some inspiration. Do you know someone who struggles with self image issues? depression? self infliction? Especially spread awareness to them. Share the hashtag, share my article link, spread the word that they are beautiful, unique. To those of you who have already helped spread the hashtag, please continue. To those of you who haven’t, spread your smile in public, try the task. Give me feedback, then spread the smile, break the internet; #breakteeth. 

If we as individuals take the step to acknowledge someone else’s struggles, and put ours on hold for a minute, that eliminates selfishness. We can self improve, but also encourage others to as well. So those people who you know struggle with themselves, encourage them to #breakteeth. That is the task. Spread the word to another state. Who do you interact with outside of your home town? Friends, family? Let’s see how many states we can spread this month. This is SATUNDAY. Share and Spread Satunday. Each Saturday and Sunday for this next month, make a promise. Share a public smile, then share your experience with us, tell us the story. Hashtag #breakteeth and let’s see how we see reality vs. the internet. Share the hashtag with a friend in the 4O1, but also outside. Have them hashtag their state. Let’s see how quickly we can spread our smiles throughout our country. We started right here in the 4O1, the smallest state, let’s make big things happen. #Breakteeth. Break through each stranger, break through each profile, each social network; FB, Instagram, Twitter. Then break through each state. We are all capable of peace. It starts with realizing smiles are contagious. Smiles can be shared, spread. Let’s stop breaking hearts, breaking skin with razors, breaking down with tears. Let’s continue to break the internet, and #BREAKTEETH. 

Satunday starts today! 😀 

And for all those who want to share privately or ask any questions, etc. Please feel free to send an email to “O” as in the letter, not zero 😉


2 thoughts on “Share and spread Satunday :D

  1. Im so proud of you Kasha. I think what you are doing getting these messages out to the people is a wonderful goal you are setting. Keep up the good work and keep pushing forward! 💜

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5


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