Avynn Jade turns 2!


Welllll,  I honestly can’t believe I am the mother of a 2 year old. Something sounding so typical is actually so mind blowing for me. I remember how in shock I was when everyone around me in the delivery room began to cheer, as they placed all 9lbs 4oz of baby on my chest. As I looked down at this beautiful girl, of course I began crying and saying how perfect she was. She looked right up at James and I and peed all over me!  Haha, showing her personality since day one. She became part of our world on March 12, 2013 at 6:04p.m.

Yesterday was an awesome day so I held off on her birthday post. Avynn wanted to go “see animals” yesterday, so we drove around finding cows, horses, and then seagulls, haha!

After a long day outside we ended her birthday at our favorite Hibachi restaurant ! I cried like a baby once everyone started singing to her (thankfully nobody noticed).  Times like these really highlight the beauty of life itself. Becoming a mother was the most drastic change I’ve faced thus far, and that makes me #breakteeth.

On to years with more laughs, hair pulling, and new adventures for my little fam!  Happy 2nd birthday Avynn Jade!




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