“White Out”

This past Wednesday I decided to make it a “white-out!” I’ve never really followed the “no white after labor day” rule, so I went all-out this fall with collecting “winter whites.”

I recently began brand-promoting for a company called “Style Heist.” They have affordable prices and such classic items! For my first promotional gig they sent me a white cape (which I’ve been dying to find). Capes and ponchos are so trendy right now! I wanted so badly to wait to break the cape out for my birthday next week, but knowing me I will destroy the all-white at dinner haha. You can find the cape and other amazing and affordable outerwear here —> Style Heist

Now that fall is finally in swing I’ve been dying to get rid of all of my old boots and slowly collect new ones (especially booties).  These nude booties are from Necessary Clothing you won’t even believe the price!

Monotone-dressing is my favorite, when all else fails, I usually throw on all black, but wearing all tones of one color is super chic ladies! Show me your monotone outfits!!!




Hues of Blues!

So I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been dyinnnggg for jean jacket season! I went through this entire summer without buying one, especially because here in Rhode Island the rain has held off until right about now…hurricane season!

I thrifted this jean jacket a few weeks ago and decided to wear it before I bleach it! I’ve always been a fan of denim on denim, however I used to pair the denims as close to the shade as possible. For this outfit I decided to dress in different hues of blues!

I’ve been waiting to pull out these suede blue heels especially because Royal Blue is super trendy right now.  I also chose to start pulling out all of my sheer blouses! These are so perfect to layer with, and I think I grew the biggest selection of these while I was pregnant. I purchased so many throughout my pregnancy because of the ability to buy bigger sizes, yet still pull off the baggy-comfy look when my maternity was over!

For all of my pregnant readers/new mommies remember: pregnancy does not mean you need to embrace maternity clothing, or get rid/re-do your wardrobe! Purchasing bigger sizes will work for you, especially when transforming your wardrobe back- after baby! The sheer top collection I have is ridiculous, there are so many colors and prints that can help you turn your comfy jean day outfits up a notch! Here I decided to go with a basic cream sheer blouse from H&M. I love the collared look.

In last weeks Circuit-talk, I introduced a comfy look with sneakers and my favorite hat! I purchased this black faux-leather hat about a year ago at a LIDS in Florida. Now I’m seeing these hats in every color! I wanted to embrace a comfy-chic combo today.

blue 2bluehuesblue3blue1

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Comfy Sunday’s with Skirts and Sneakers!

On my day’s off you would think I would have extra time to put myself together. Avynn gets so excited to see that I’m waking up with her, so from the moment I’m out of bed, I’m chasing her everywhere!

I try to find an activity for the day to get out of the house, and get all of her energy out! This past Sunday was gorgeous out, so we chose to go to the park! Avynn just turned 2 1/2 last week, so she’s growing out of everything!! We decided before the park to go pick her out a pair of new sneakers!

For Mommies on-the-go sometimes we forget how easy it is to just throw a pair of sneakers on. If you are like me, I feel I want to look presentable still, even though I’m chasing after a monster!

For Avynn and I, a day at the park was easily paired with cute dresses/skirts and our new sneakers! This way we transformed our day from shopping, to running around the park!

Our outfits brought me back to the 90’s where I used to throw on a “skort” with my halter top and sneakers!



“A Lighter Alternative”

As we all know, when fall comes, darker colors creep back into our wardrobes….but who am I kidding, most of my wardrobe consists of dark tones anyways! As the cooler days approach, I have been taking advantage of wearing the last of my sleeveless and strappy items!

My light-weight items are easily transformed into the cool days by layering and equalizing. Equalizing to me just means to balance your outfit. If I am wearing a skin-showing top, I will make sure to wear full-coverage bottoms (like jeans in this #OOTD). I also decided to wear a zipper-detailed blazer of another shade of nude, to add coverage, but to also embrace the trend of multiple-toned shading. Something so simple is trendy right now, and that is choosing a color, and displaying multiple shades of that color within your outfit.

With dark colored items in fall, that includes dark jeans, so I chose to pull out my lightest jeans along with my light nudes for a chic date-night look! Hibachi is always my favorite excuse to slightly dress up!

To all my mommy-followers out there, this is for you! Don’t be scared to pair your favorite pair of jeans with a sexy top and a red lip!


Blacks and Browns are Bouncing Back!

Since I can remember, I’ve never really followed the “fashion rules.” No white after Labor Day?! Who are you kidding, I loveeeeeee winter whites, although I’m known for staining my white clothes the first time I wear them! Along with the “don’t mix blacks and blues,” the mixing black and brown rule also does not apply anymore! I think the lighter the shade of brown, the nicer it goes with blacks!!!

I chose to mix a chestnut fall tone with black to slowly and sadly creep into the fall color scheme. Two-toned color blocking seems so boring to me, so throwing in another neutral toned (cream) clutch, helped add a little more to the outfit.

9 times out of 10 accessories determine your outfit theme. If I would have chosen to wear a strappy heel, my outfit would have been over-dressed for just a nice day in Newport! Instead I chose to go with bootie-short heels, and added a hat to tone down the over-dressed vibe. Ladies!! When you feel overdressed, don’t over-do your hair! My HMUA threw a cute little messy fishtail in to also tone down the dressy vibe.

It’s time to whip out your favorite skirts before under-layering with tights! The leaves will change so so soon!


midIMG_2193IMG_2147IMG_3092 (1)IMG_2172

Back to School with Basics and Brights!

So September surely did sneak up on us! I am finally returning to the University of Rhode Island to complete my first Bachelors degree! I took an entire year off for my maternity, and didn’t return due to enjoying my time at home with my little one!

The thing I remember most about the first day of school was always the pressure of what I was going to wear. I always laid my entire weeks worth of clothes out, rearranging accessories and shoes. That was grade school of course! Once college began I would buy a few bulk items, like leather jackets, boots, and the biggest bags I could snag! What one thing I learned about college the first year was how laid back the wardrobe was around me. Girls throw on Uggs, leggings, and a Northface; and they’re ready for class! Although I didn’t find myself a part of that trend, that was not the only reason I began to plan out my dress. I have always worked full time since I can remember; so that means right after class I am rushing to work! Well, now I have a child, a girl at that, so you know I have to take time to dress her and then myself; as quick as possible! I have found ways that work for me, that will hopefully work for some of you too!

Everyone has a plain tee in their wardrobe, men and women. I decided for a laid back, but trendy look; to go for Basics with a pop of Brights! Brights are a great way to slowly channel your summer wardrobe and accessories, into the chillier fall weather! With a plain white tee, and some distressed boy jeans, it doesn’t get more basic than that! (When it does get a little cooler, I would pair this with a black leather jacket). A trend I’ve loved since forever is FRINGE! And fringe is still trendy up until Winter for me! I chose to add a touch of fringe with these cute little flats, along with a bright coral beaded necklace (which matched my lip color)!

So ladies! Take your most comfortable pair of jeans, add a plain top, with some pops of color! It’s such an easy way to throw something on, and look like you planned to precision!

For the men out there, I’ve found accessories including shoes and hats have worked really well when styling you! A post for you is on it’s way!



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