Comfy Sunday’s with Skirts and Sneakers!

On my day’s off you would think I would have extra time to put myself together. Avynn gets so excited to see that I’m waking up with her, so from the moment I’m out of bed, I’m chasing her everywhere!

I try to find an activity for the day to get out of the house, and get all of her energy out! This past Sunday was gorgeous out, so we chose to go to the park! Avynn just turned 2 1/2 last week, so she’s growing out of everything!! We decided before the park to go pick her out a pair of new sneakers!

For Mommies on-the-go sometimes we forget how easy it is to just throw a pair of sneakers on. If you are like me, I feel I want to look presentable still, even though I’m chasing after a monster!

For Avynn and I, a day at the park was easily paired with cute dresses/skirts and our new sneakers! This way we transformed our day from shopping, to running around the park!

Our outfits brought me back to the 90’s where I used to throw on a “skort” with my halter top and sneakers!



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