Hues of Blues!

So I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been dyinnnggg for jean jacket season! I went through this entire summer without buying one, especially because here in Rhode Island the rain has held off until right about now…hurricane season!

I thrifted this jean jacket a few weeks ago and decided to wear it before I bleach it! I’ve always been a fan of denim on denim, however I used to pair the denims as close to the shade as possible. For this outfit I decided to dress in different hues of blues!

I’ve been waiting to pull out these suede blue heels especially because Royal Blue is super trendy right now.  I also chose to start pulling out all of my sheer blouses! These are so perfect to layer with, and I think I grew the biggest selection of these while I was pregnant. I purchased so many throughout my pregnancy because of the ability to buy bigger sizes, yet still pull off the baggy-comfy look when my maternity was over!

For all of my pregnant readers/new mommies remember: pregnancy does not mean you need to embrace maternity clothing, or get rid/re-do your wardrobe! Purchasing bigger sizes will work for you, especially when transforming your wardrobe back- after baby! The sheer top collection I have is ridiculous, there are so many colors and prints that can help you turn your comfy jean day outfits up a notch! Here I decided to go with a basic cream sheer blouse from H&M. I love the collared look.

In last weeks Circuit-talk, I introduced a comfy look with sneakers and my favorite hat! I purchased this black faux-leather hat about a year ago at a LIDS in Florida. Now I’m seeing these hats in every color! I wanted to embrace a comfy-chic combo today.

blue 2bluehuesblue3blue1

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