“White Out”

This past Wednesday I decided to make it a “white-out!” I’ve never really followed the “no white after labor day” rule, so I went all-out this fall with collecting “winter whites.”

I recently began brand-promoting for a company called “Style Heist.” They have affordable prices and such classic items! For my first promotional gig they sent me a white cape (which I’ve been dying to find). Capes and ponchos are so trendy right now! I wanted so badly to wait to break the cape out for my birthday next week, but knowing me I will destroy the all-white at dinner haha. You can find the cape and other amazing and affordable outerwear here —> Style Heist

Now that fall is finally in swing I’ve been dying to get rid of all of my old boots and slowly collect new ones (especially booties).  These nude booties are from Necessary Clothing you won’t even believe the price!

Monotone-dressing is my favorite, when all else fails, I usually throw on all black, but wearing all tones of one color is super chic ladies! Show me your monotone outfits!!!



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