Cooking up Comfort with Kash!

Hello hello!

it’s been a really long time since I’ve written. I’ve really missed it! Writing for me is completely therapeutic. I have been neglecting this “journal,” because I have been on a new journey! I realized that modeling after all was something I did not wish to pursue. I love being on the opposite side of the camera (behind the scenes) and that is where I have been for these past few months! Also just in case you all haven’t heard…James, Avynn, and I are welcoming our 4th family member in late August! It’s funny actually, our due date is a day after my oldest sister’s Birthday, and a day before my youngest. Right in the middle! Talk about a close-knit family right?!

Speaking of family, this was the reasoning behind this post today. Because I am in my second trimester already, I have been having the WORSE appetite, I’m talking donuts, cake, candy…pretty much anything but meat. My family and mid-wife have been concerned; this pregnancy is SO different from my first!

Lately my mom has been helping me a lot with trying to get my appetite back, and it’s been rough. I am hoping I get some sort of Spring fever and start craving some healthy foods!

Also…tomorrow is March 1st-my absolute FAVORITE month of the year. For starters it’s SO sad but such a blessing that our little babe will be turning 3! Also James and I will be hitting a huge 11 year anniversary mark! But something entirely exciting this March is that my best friend will be embarking in a life-changing journey-so my heart could scream right now! Other than the usual celebrations, James and I have decided to visit my Grandparents & take Avynn on her first road trip, and last trip as our little family of 3! And as soon as we are back from our trip, we find out the gender of baby #2…I told you, March is an exciting one!

So enough blabbing already, speaking of my Grandparents and all of this family talk, like I said this was my biggest inspiration to get into tonight’s post. I’m so excited to visit my Grandma, I’ve been missing her cooking, which inspired me to bake a few chicken/turkey pies!

Growing up I honestly despised left-overs. If it wasn’t Chinese left-overs, forget it! Out of all things in my families recipes, this pot pie is a classic favorite of everyone’s! We usually call it Mamma’s Turkey-Pie (because she used to make it with turkey after Thanksgiving).

For me, this dish brings loads of comfort and such a quick preparation-and let me tell you, I need something quick…I’m exhausted! My Grandma was so proud when I texted her a photo of the prepped-pies, and 1 child later, I’m finally getting used to this cooking-thing haha!

This meal has a twist on Shepherds Pie-instead of super-savory, it has a sweet spot! Ask me for the secret 😉


For a full recipe feel free to ask or email @ —>

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