Pregnant + Prone

Hi all!

Today I hit the 17 week mark in my 2nd pregnancy-journey! Nausea is completely gone, but my mood swings are in full-swing! So what does this mean? Acne!

Growing up I was more fortunate to only have outbreaks around my month. When I was pregnant with Ave however, the first sign that she was indeed a girl was the acne! They say your girls take your beauty ;). Although we don’t find out the sex for 2 more weeks, I can already feel this one is a girl! My skin has been terrible :(. I normally have average skin, not too oily, not too dry. In summertime my skin gets dry, then red and shiny. And now, at 17 weeks pregnant I am SO prone to acne and overly-dry skin. I developed dry patches over these past few weeks, and the struggle is soooo serious, haha.

I decided that before we embark on our last “family-of-3” Vacation tomorrow, I would focus today’s post on skincare. I want to avoid breaking out more, as least as possible, because knowing me I’ll be cooking in the sun all week and don’t want to develop damage.

While I’m sitting here packing for Florida, I decided to share some of my skincare favorites with my mommy followers, or really anyone who is looking for some new products to try! We will call this “Favorites Friday!”


When i’m breaking out like crazy I usually use Be Fine’s Cucumber Facial Mask- because it’s fragrance is Allergen free, and this product has vegetarian proteins! However, seeing how I’m picky and pregnant, i’m getting tired of smelling the cucumber scent lately, mostly since James has been obsessed with applying this cucumber peel-off mask we do at night-time. He says it’s like “peeling off a sunburn.” haha

So instead, today regardless of my breakouts I chose to go with Pores Be Pure by Formula 10.0.6. You can find this scent in “Strawberry +Yarrow,” and other great scents at your local —> ULTA ! Many have been iffy about this product because it does contain fragrance, but with my experience having normal-average skin I have never had issues with it. It goes for around $7!

For my go-to daily exfoliating face wash, I usually rotate between my 2 favorites. My first favorite is Perfectly Posh -Best Face Forever in “Peppermint, Grapefruit Oil + Aloe Vera.” I’m OBSESSED with this product! I’m for anything with exfoliating microbeads but this little guy cools my face in seconds, I highly recommend.

On days where I am rushing, and just want to quickly exfoliate while in the shower, I choose to go with my VASANTI -Brighten Up! This one is still nice because it has tiny micro-crystals that softly scrub, and this is a great Rejuvenator! I feel that a big difference with this product is that I notice a brighter appearance in my face, especially if I need a nice “awoken” look! This product is 99% natural.

So blah blah blah we could talk about the benefits of a trillion face products out there, but I saved my best 2 for last. These were the first 2 products I put in my make-up box for my trip! First is my every day moisturizer- Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. THIS IS MY BABY!!!! I have always used Neutrogena face products, and for awhile I used lotions and not gel-based moisturizers. This literally quenches my skin and gives that “cool” feeling I’ve been such a fan of! I use this every morning and night. It’s so lightweight and a must-have. I think with extra-bucks from CVS my jar came to around $16. It usually retails for around $20, which is definitely worth the buy because this product spreads out so evenly. Half the time I use the gel that gets caught in the cap-that usually covers my entire face.

Although I use a moisturizer twice a day sometimes I want an extra bit of help throughout the day, which is when I turn to my Mario Badescu– Facial spray. This is infused with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. Roses really don’t smell like poo-poo-oo. 😉 This spray can be used a lot for my Vaca-especially after the sun. Who doesn’t love Aloe?! I’ve also seen this product used as a make-up setter. I highly recommend this as well because to me, many make-up setters I have found to be a little sticky.

So enough with the product talk, I could review a trillion products in my collection. I chose these mainly to let all of you ladies know that while you’re enjoying Spring break, make sure to protect your skin!!!! I was supposed to make this short and sweet….oops.

Let me know if you have any questions about my faves, or feel free to give me your input on ideas for my future faves! Also in case you were wondering, I received 3 out of 5 of my faves in my monthly Ipsy Glam Bag . If there are any of you out there who aren’t members yet-what are you waiting for?! You get a $10 bag every month with triple the value of products. Even for those of you who aren’t huge makeup fans, you can take a survey that will allow you to receive other products, like hair/skin! If I never signed up, I would have never met my fave products, which I now can’t live without!

Okay, time to pack now! Stay tuned for posts this week from our family road trip!



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