Arts + Crafts w/Ave!

Today was a gorgeous day! James started his second job so he had the car all day, so Ave and I had to improvise! For the past few months I have been home with Avynn, cleaning and keeping ourselves busy. A few weeks ago James and I picked up a bunch of Arts + Crafts so on days when Ave is CRAZY, it would give us something to do!

Today after cleaning out the kitchen, her and I found some old Sunflower seeds (we are all addicted to them). I remembered seeing a cute activity on Pinterest using Sunflower seeds and Construction paper!

All we needed was glue, tape, scissors, construction paper, Sunflower seeds, and Avynn’s hands (to trace) 😉

When I graduated high school and knew I wanted to be an Elementary School teacher I remember being so excited for school activities-and although I no longer desire to teach, I love Arts + Crafts, especially with Ave!

We had fun with flowers today!





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