Suede Saturday ft. Royce Clothing

Some say women are the most insecure out of all human. I think we can all agree. But what causes insecurities are comparisons, and that’s the worse habit. 

When I was pregnant with Avynn I felt so beautiful, most call it a “glow.” I felt that way up until a few weeks before she arrived. I think I was so comfortable eating winter foods and not worrying about dieting or “bouncing-back.”

This time around I’ve been trying to keep up with work outs and not letmyself “go.”

What’s causing insecurities is the big difference that this time around I will be big and pregnant all summer!! 😳

I received a bathing suit a few months back but the weather here has not been warm enough, until I decided to go for it today! This suit is from Royce Clothing and I loooooove the crochet look to it! Thank god I ordered a size L!

I chose to stay away from the beach as a backdrop because the wind was chilly! I received this Vintage jacket from a family friend and I’m obsessed with it! So so funky!

I also chose to cross the ties around my neck for some 90’s choker vibes!

Only a week away from the 6 month mark! So crazy! Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day! 


Slicked + Shades of Grey

Hi hi!!

So today was a huge day running errands and getting more laundry done….I’m so so tempted to just throw my hair up, but since I got the cut I promised myself to style it as much as possible….soooo today I went with the slicked style! 

What better way to represent these new Harry-Potter-like glasses, than to slick my hair like Draco? Haha

I’m so indecisive when it comes to everything and my glasses especially, I have quite the collection now + it’s the best deal, I never spend over $30 per pair! As I’ve mentioned before I always order from Zenni! And in this photo below you can see my Cartier-like bangle from my favorite local boutique Elle G! I got this almost a year ago, it has Roman numerals 1-12 and I love that because Avynn’s birthday is the 12th of March so 12 is a special number! 

I have an obsession with throwing on a dress and again and again here I am explaining this! Mine is from Necessary Clothing which has always been a favorite site of mine! I also was spoiled when James let me order some new booties! These peep-toes are from SIMMI! I could order every single pair, I’m addicted! They’re super comfy and I can’t wait to dress up some jeans with them!

I love that this jacket can still transition into nicer weather because it’s mid-length sleeves! This is from H&M

Ladies see how easy it is to throw on a dress + jacket and look like you put yourself together?! Especially being pregnant and in a rush 24/7! I’m serious I wish I was in sweats most times but this is still as comfy. If you don’t want to be daring with a chunky heel, throw sneakers on, that’s exactly what I did after these photos, I transitioned right back to sneakers haha

And as for Avynn, she was over the photos today, until finally she saw me out there and wanted to join…she didn’t want to take her jacket off though-but today we both went with all grey + turtle-necks to match!




Sooooo Fall neutrals are creeping their way into Spring and Summer weather, and I have zero complaints! You name it, tan, brown, maroon, khaki…and can’t forget black of course. I loooove earthy tones and Khaki/Nudes are super popular lately, so I’m excited!

Today’s Sunday + we spend every Sunday at James’ parents! There’s a small breeze so I chose to let Ave stay comfy since they installed a new swing set and I knew she’d be running around with the kids! 

What’s been so easy lately is finally finding a routine that works for Ave and I! She is in a “copying Mommy” phase and it’s way easier to match our outfits instead of her throwing huge fits and destroying her room haha

We lay out our outfits on my bed, jump in the shower, and the biggest struggle is brushing through all of her amazing curls! 

I chose to blog today to feature these jeans that I’m proud of 😏! I got these a year ago in solid khaki, and wanted to “Springify” them! 

So many friends are asking where I got them, and I finally decided to bring my creative side back and create some magic VS. spend $40 on a new pair! – I hand ripped them myself!

If interested feel free to email me for how I created this look! ➡️

I can’t stand how much Ave loves the camera ha, but don’t worry hopes for a lawyer over here, no models allowed! 

                 Happy Sunday everyone!!! 



Design History Dress + my Diva

Hi hi!! 

Another day with Ave and I cleaning and dressing up! I received this dress in the mail this past week from Design History! 

I branded one of their sweaters last year + wore it apple picking! This year they opened a kids line! So so exciting!

I love this cute little skater dress! When we opened it, Avynn screamed “Ballerina!” Haha


How cute is the little tutu skirt?! She’s posing like a diva! 

             Ave’s boots + vest are both TJ Maxx!

Be sure to follow Design History on Instagram ➡️ DH and check out their website ➡️ DHNY



All Black, always 

I don’t think even 90* weather will ever phase me to stay away from rockin all black-all day! Today was another gorgeous one here in the 401! 

Avynn was a crankster all day, so we had to get her out of the house (terrible 3’s are at the ultimate peak)!!!!! 

A few days ago I received a beauty in the mail! A company called PoppySeed Clothing was nice enough to let me blog for them! When they found out I was expecting another little girl they introduced me to their “Zipper Dress.” What I love about this dress is the length, stretch, and the versitility! You can un-zip to give the dress a more casual feel, or wear it right to the ankles, tight-with a little mermaid flare!


Also, if you haven’t noticed I chopped 2 more inches off of my hair! Lightening it and always keeping it in a tight bun has really put some damage on my locks! I went over to JK Hair Salon which is right in North Kingstown-literally 3 minutes from my house! I went to see a friend of mine (who does 💣.com work) and I told her to give me the “Hilary Duff!” I’m so so in love with the choppy look + of course how healthy my locks feel now! To see more of my friend Alexa’s work, you can follow her on Instagram ➡️ Complex Beauty and don’t forget to give her page a 👍🏼 on Facebook ➡️ CompLEX Beauty !

^^ And as you can see above, Avynn was too much of a diva to jump in photos with mommy today, she wanted to capture me instead 😂

I am obsessed with the story behind the making of this dress, and how they named their company! Your baby is usually the side of a Poppyseed when you find out you’re pregnant, and this dress was especially designed for my fellow mommas!

This dress comes in Black and also in Navy! Check out Poppyseed Clothing and make sure to follow them on Instagram ➡️ Poppyseed Co

       For any further outfit details feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an 💌 @! 



Coachella vibes w/my cutie!

I keep bragging about this New England weather lately, but let me tell you today was the perfect day to be outdoors-I had to change out of my “all-black” outfit! 

Ave and I had a quick Target run and I found the cutest jumpsuit, that matched perfectly with a bodysuit I purchased last summer from H&M! I looooooove the paradise vibes! 

We threw Ave in my fringe vest from years ago, along with her Fedora which was a birthday gift!







Now that the weather is nicer I’ve been wearing these jeans I hand-ripped last summer, and plus they’re the only ones that still button, haha 

My bodysuit/swim suit, sunnies, and hat are all from H&M. My shoes are thrifted and are Dune brand, as well as these jeans I thrifted, then ripped! 

My shaggy vest added to Coachella vibes, and I snagged this guy when I worked at a boutique last year! 

Avynn was over the photos today, she has all of those gorgeous curls and with that hat, she was dooooonnnneeeee. Also, let me add she did not like Mommy being center of attention 

                 Look at her 😂 so mad at me!

Can’t believe there will be another girl by our side in just 19 short weeks! 



Hello Spring!

I’m finally seeing sun’s VS. snow flakes on my weather app! About time right?!  Days like these (especially with me being pregnant) make me want to clean like crazy! Yesterday I cleaned my entire car out & got every last bit of laundry cleaned! So today we finally got to actually enjoy the weather!

I originally wanted to take Ave to the park today to let out some energy, but it’s been so so windy today…so instead we decided to run some errands & pick up her favorite candy for when she’s a “good girl.” Pure sugar is never a good idea haha

        But like Ave’s shirt says, Hello Spring!

My sister and I decided to take the girls down to the water and dip their feet-just a little taste of summer heading our way! 

Since Avynn was a little babe she’s always loved the water, so we spent some time taking photos, and let me tell you Avynn is starting to love the camera more too, haha


There’s nothing I love more than Avynn’s skin tone in gold 😍. These gold drop-crotch harems are from H&M as well as this adorable “Hello Spring!” Shirt, which my older sister grabbed for one of Avynn’s birthday gifts, and of course I’m obsessed….stripes duh!

Ave’s leather jacket is from TJ Maxx as well as our favorite over-the-knee boots! And these sunnies we mentioned last time as well are from The Children’s Place

      These stripes are making my belly pop!  We are 21 weeks today! 

   My lace up short sleeve dress I also found at TJ Maxx for under $20 and as I always mention, there’s nothing I love more than throwing a comfy dress on! This lace-up style is popular right now especially in crop-tops which of course I can’t rock right now! 
I chose to throw on my favorite faux leather hat with some all black converse, to dress down my dress a little (I can’t hide these boobs anymore) 🙈

After this Avynn threw a huge fit because I wouldn’t let her eat all of those rock pops….  

Haha, off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! 




A SunKissed Sunday w/Kenzo

Today is gorgeous! I hope all of my Rhode Island readers got to enjoy today! I’ve been on the road today on the travels to pick up the perfect bassinet for baby Ivory! I will have to share with you all once the nursery is nice + set up! It’s amazing because we had the same exact one in our family for years and unfortunately it was given to a family baby years ago! But we found the same exact one + it brings back so many memories of my childhood! 

Before we jumped on the road we picked up my favorite iced coffee- Felecia’s! I absolutely cannot stand driving, so I gave into my caffeine craving + got a small iced piece of heaven! 

This morning it was chilly so I decided to throw on my favorite sweatshirt before my big belly can’t fit into it! I’m 90% positive this KENZO sweatshirt isn’t authentic because I thrifted it in the city for a pretty decent price! Regardless I was inspired by the Kenzo + skirt look that I saw Beyoncé in a few years ago!

 Bey paired hers with a pencil skirt as well, I just have a baby in my mid-drift haha!


 I was so excited to see the sun today because I could finally whip out my bottomless sunnies from Mirina Collections they have such unique pieces for a great price, right out of NY! Also follow them on Instagram ➡️ MCollections


I almost got rid of all of my tube skirts months back because it almost gave me “clubby” vibes, and I’m so glad I was able to transition these into pregnancy pieces! So so easy to throw on! This one was only around $11 at Forever 21
I’m off to enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday!



POP of Pink!

Nothing is gloomier than this New England weather lately! ☔️ And staying home with Avynn means to feel better we still get all dressed up to run some rainy day errands!

We needed a pick-me-up! I feel that the best technique for miserable weather is a POP of color, especially with your wardrobe + makeup!

It always makes me feel a little more alive seeing a bright color on such a dreary day.

Today I chose to accentuate my black + whites with a POP of pink! B e c a u s e ……..It’s girly fever around here lately! We finally announced our arrival of our baby GIRL! 

         Ivory Elle Perry will be here in 20 weeks!!!!

Because it was pouring today, we didn’t capture any photos of Ave + I in our pinks (we need a bigger umbrella), however I snapped a quick photo of my favorites from today!

I thrifted this magenta rain coat a few years back! It’s the perfect length + totally waterproof!

I can’t get enough stripes…..ever….seriously it’s a problem. My short sleeve striped top is from  Express! My sister bought it for one of my Christmas gifts a few years back + it’s top 5 of my favorite shirts!

These striped wide-leg “Angie” pants are from one of my favorite little local stores, Crosswynds Traders …. You have to check them out on Instagram where you can see their latest arrivals ➡️ Follow us!  My favorite thing about these (aside from throwing them on + looking like you have yourself together)-they have pockets!!!!! 😏

My biggest staple when it rains outside are my Jeffries rain boots! I purchased these over a year ago as well, and I’m so glad I finally found a pair that doesn’t have me walking like a clammer, haha! Something about stiff + squeaky rain boots stirs me away!

My glasses (prescription…I’m blind) are from Zenni ! They are my go-to for all of my glasses! I used to go semi-expensive with my glasses, and just like sunglasses my eye glasses get lost or scratched or replaced! Zenni has such great quality glasses for an amazing price! I think this reddish-pink pair only cost me $22!!!! Also for an extra $5 you can pay to get your lenses glare-free so you can have sophisticated-selfies 😉
Speaking of a deal, please tell me you ladies have collected Milani’s lipsticks?! You can find them at CVS Pharmacy +they go for around $6! I’m all about steals + what works for me is something with great pigment, long lasting, beautiful color without having to spend $30 a tube! I refuse to spend a ton on lip-wear if it will end up on my coffee-rim, or smudged on my Donut. 😜 Unless I’m in absolute love, I stick to my favorites!! My favorite color swatches from their line are the Mattes, I have a million of them! This one is a beautiful Magenta Pink in the shade “Matte Orchid!”

For all of my nude lovers out there you need “Matte Naked,” it’s beautiful and the little guy is so so soft on your lips! Best $6 you’ll ever spend!

Can you tell I’m home blabbing + blogging? Sheesh! Lastly my side satchel bag is also a few years old and this one is by Vince Camuto! I snagged her from Tj Maxx.

                  ‘Til sunnier days!