Pineapple Prints w/Princess

Another gloomy day here in R.I. “Cooler + Warmer” right?! 😳 haha too soon?

It’s already been almost a week since we returned from Florida, and we are wishing for warmer days! 

Last week my mom + I woke up and made fresh smoothies for breakfast, which encouraged my and Ave’s Pineapple printed day in the sun! 

So crazy thinking we were lounging in the backyard getting sun kissed! Avynn has been nothing but excited for “our baby.” Which reminds me…only 3 more days until we find out if the babe is a little 🎀 or 🚙!!! What do you all think?! 

Surprisingly this year Ave has kept her sunglasses on and enjoys them (she copies whatever I do). 


Ave’s outfit screams vacation! She refused to swap out these sandals for any others that we packed, so cute how she loves these! Again I mentioned in my previous post these gladiators are from Target
Her shorts I thrifted last year-the perfect shade of dark denim! Also this little 🍍 tank came 2 in a pack for only $10 at TJ Maxx



Such a comfy day in our Pineapple Prints! My top and shorts are from Forever 21 and these cat eye sunnies again are Steve Madden.

Fingers crossed these May flowers come quick!



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