Whites on a Wednesday!

Today is a huge day! Yesterday we found out we are having another GIRL! What’s more amazing than that right? We run the world! Today I get to to see her little face in a 3D Ultrasound so I’m super excited! I decided to wear “all white” today because it’s a little hint at what we are naming our second little babe! 😏

Also, as I mentioned since we do “run the world,” today Beyonce inspired me (per usual).

As much as the word “trend” is despised in the fashion world, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe today’s post! Trends come and go, and nothing is better than classic pieces that aren’t considered “trendy,” I feel that’s where true style stays! However, since Beyoncé dropped her “Formation” video I’ve been dying to get my hands on an insane “statement” necklace like hers!-Which are “trending” like crazy! (Along with these classic braids of course)

Who else but Bey makes a better statement?! I’m all about crazy unique pieces, and I finally found a place where they sell exactly that!
I got in contact with some amazing people over at Mirina Collections  and they wanted to make me a “Mirina Girl.”

They sent me a few pieces and I am in LOVE!

A few days ago I received my layered necklace called “Ashes” on their site, and had no idea I was layering it wrong!


I was wondering why the top piece wasn’t staying centered….oops

So after making adjustments I re-layered my necklace this morning and decided I LOVE the way the top layer comes up higher like Bey’s “choker-look.”


Much better! Along with the necklace today I chose to whip out my white cape-also a huge “trend.” Although I’ve seen these for years, they’re finally back and I think I found mine for only about $20!!!

You can find my necklace + other great pieces at ➡️ Mirina Collections and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram at ➡️ Mirina Collections!

If you decided to purchase a statement piece don’t forget to use my code ‘mirinagirls’ to receive 20% off! 😏



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