POP of Pink!

Nothing is gloomier than this New England weather lately! ☔️ And staying home with Avynn means to feel better we still get all dressed up to run some rainy day errands!

We needed a pick-me-up! I feel that the best technique for miserable weather is a POP of color, especially with your wardrobe + makeup!

It always makes me feel a little more alive seeing a bright color on such a dreary day.

Today I chose to accentuate my black + whites with a POP of pink! B e c a u s e ……..It’s girly fever around here lately! We finally announced our arrival of our baby GIRL! 

         Ivory Elle Perry will be here in 20 weeks!!!!

Because it was pouring today, we didn’t capture any photos of Ave + I in our pinks (we need a bigger umbrella), however I snapped a quick photo of my favorites from today!

I thrifted this magenta rain coat a few years back! It’s the perfect length + totally waterproof!

I can’t get enough stripes…..ever….seriously it’s a problem. My short sleeve striped top is from  Express! My sister bought it for one of my Christmas gifts a few years back + it’s top 5 of my favorite shirts!

These striped wide-leg “Angie” pants are from one of my favorite little local stores, Crosswynds Traders …. You have to check them out on Instagram where you can see their latest arrivals ➡️ Follow us!  My favorite thing about these (aside from throwing them on + looking like you have yourself together)-they have pockets!!!!! 😏

My biggest staple when it rains outside are my Jeffries rain boots! I purchased these over a year ago as well, and I’m so glad I finally found a pair that doesn’t have me walking like a clammer, haha! Something about stiff + squeaky rain boots stirs me away!

My glasses (prescription…I’m blind) are from Zenni ! They are my go-to for all of my glasses! I used to go semi-expensive with my glasses, and just like sunglasses my eye glasses get lost or scratched or replaced! Zenni has such great quality glasses for an amazing price! I think this reddish-pink pair only cost me $22!!!! Also for an extra $5 you can pay to get your lenses glare-free so you can have sophisticated-selfies 😉
Speaking of a deal, please tell me you ladies have collected Milani’s lipsticks?! You can find them at CVS Pharmacy +they go for around $6! I’m all about steals + what works for me is something with great pigment, long lasting, beautiful color without having to spend $30 a tube! I refuse to spend a ton on lip-wear if it will end up on my coffee-rim, or smudged on my Donut. 😜 Unless I’m in absolute love, I stick to my favorites!! My favorite color swatches from their line are the Mattes, I have a million of them! This one is a beautiful Magenta Pink in the shade “Matte Orchid!”

For all of my nude lovers out there you need “Matte Naked,” it’s beautiful and the little guy is so so soft on your lips! Best $6 you’ll ever spend!

Can you tell I’m home blabbing + blogging? Sheesh! Lastly my side satchel bag is also a few years old and this one is by Vince Camuto! I snagged her from Tj Maxx.

                  ‘Til sunnier days!



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