Hello Spring!

I’m finally seeing sun’s VS. snow flakes on my weather app! About time right?!  Days like these (especially with me being pregnant) make me want to clean like crazy! Yesterday I cleaned my entire car out & got every last bit of laundry cleaned! So today we finally got to actually enjoy the weather!

I originally wanted to take Ave to the park today to let out some energy, but it’s been so so windy today…so instead we decided to run some errands & pick up her favorite candy for when she’s a “good girl.” Pure sugar is never a good idea haha

        But like Ave’s shirt says, Hello Spring!

My sister and I decided to take the girls down to the water and dip their feet-just a little taste of summer heading our way! 

Since Avynn was a little babe she’s always loved the water, so we spent some time taking photos, and let me tell you Avynn is starting to love the camera more too, haha


There’s nothing I love more than Avynn’s skin tone in gold 😍. These gold drop-crotch harems are from H&M as well as this adorable “Hello Spring!” Shirt, which my older sister grabbed for one of Avynn’s birthday gifts, and of course I’m obsessed….stripes duh!

Ave’s leather jacket is from TJ Maxx as well as our favorite over-the-knee boots! And these sunnies we mentioned last time as well are from The Children’s Place

      These stripes are making my belly pop!  We are 21 weeks today! 

   My lace up short sleeve dress I also found at TJ Maxx for under $20 and as I always mention, there’s nothing I love more than throwing a comfy dress on! This lace-up style is popular right now especially in crop-tops which of course I can’t rock right now! 
I chose to throw on my favorite faux leather hat with some all black converse, to dress down my dress a little (I can’t hide these boobs anymore) 🙈

After this Avynn threw a huge fit because I wouldn’t let her eat all of those rock pops….  

Haha, off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! 




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