Coachella vibes w/my cutie!

I keep bragging about this New England weather lately, but let me tell you today was the perfect day to be outdoors-I had to change out of my “all-black” outfit! 

Ave and I had a quick Target run and I found the cutest jumpsuit, that matched perfectly with a bodysuit I purchased last summer from H&M! I looooooove the paradise vibes! 

We threw Ave in my fringe vest from years ago, along with her Fedora which was a birthday gift!







Now that the weather is nicer I’ve been wearing these jeans I hand-ripped last summer, and plus they’re the only ones that still button, haha 

My bodysuit/swim suit, sunnies, and hat are all from H&M. My shoes are thrifted and are Dune brand, as well as these jeans I thrifted, then ripped! 

My shaggy vest added to Coachella vibes, and I snagged this guy when I worked at a boutique last year! 

Avynn was over the photos today, she has all of those gorgeous curls and with that hat, she was dooooonnnneeeee. Also, let me add she did not like Mommy being center of attention 

                 Look at her 😂 so mad at me!

Can’t believe there will be another girl by our side in just 19 short weeks! 



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