All Black, always 

I don’t think even 90* weather will ever phase me to stay away from rockin all black-all day! Today was another gorgeous one here in the 401! 

Avynn was a crankster all day, so we had to get her out of the house (terrible 3’s are at the ultimate peak)!!!!! 

A few days ago I received a beauty in the mail! A company called PoppySeed Clothing was nice enough to let me blog for them! When they found out I was expecting another little girl they introduced me to their “Zipper Dress.” What I love about this dress is the length, stretch, and the versitility! You can un-zip to give the dress a more casual feel, or wear it right to the ankles, tight-with a little mermaid flare!


Also, if you haven’t noticed I chopped 2 more inches off of my hair! Lightening it and always keeping it in a tight bun has really put some damage on my locks! I went over to JK Hair Salon which is right in North Kingstown-literally 3 minutes from my house! I went to see a friend of mine (who does 💣.com work) and I told her to give me the “Hilary Duff!” I’m so so in love with the choppy look + of course how healthy my locks feel now! To see more of my friend Alexa’s work, you can follow her on Instagram ➡️ Complex Beauty and don’t forget to give her page a 👍🏼 on Facebook ➡️ CompLEX Beauty !

^^ And as you can see above, Avynn was too much of a diva to jump in photos with mommy today, she wanted to capture me instead 😂

I am obsessed with the story behind the making of this dress, and how they named their company! Your baby is usually the side of a Poppyseed when you find out you’re pregnant, and this dress was especially designed for my fellow mommas!

This dress comes in Black and also in Navy! Check out Poppyseed Clothing and make sure to follow them on Instagram ➡️ Poppyseed Co

       For any further outfit details feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an 💌 @! 



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