Sooooo Fall neutrals are creeping their way into Spring and Summer weather, and I have zero complaints! You name it, tan, brown, maroon, khaki…and can’t forget black of course. I loooove earthy tones and Khaki/Nudes are super popular lately, so I’m excited!

Today’s Sunday + we spend every Sunday at James’ parents! There’s a small breeze so I chose to let Ave stay comfy since they installed a new swing set and I knew she’d be running around with the kids! 

What’s been so easy lately is finally finding a routine that works for Ave and I! She is in a “copying Mommy” phase and it’s way easier to match our outfits instead of her throwing huge fits and destroying her room haha

We lay out our outfits on my bed, jump in the shower, and the biggest struggle is brushing through all of her amazing curls! 

I chose to blog today to feature these jeans that I’m proud of 😏! I got these a year ago in solid khaki, and wanted to “Springify” them! 

So many friends are asking where I got them, and I finally decided to bring my creative side back and create some magic VS. spend $40 on a new pair! – I hand ripped them myself!

If interested feel free to email me for how I created this look! ➡️

I can’t stand how much Ave loves the camera ha, but don’t worry hopes for a lawyer over here, no models allowed! 

                 Happy Sunday everyone!!! 



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