Slicked + Shades of Grey

Hi hi!!

So today was a huge day running errands and getting more laundry done….I’m so so tempted to just throw my hair up, but since I got the cut I promised myself to style it as much as possible….soooo today I went with the slicked style! 

What better way to represent these new Harry-Potter-like glasses, than to slick my hair like Draco? Haha

I’m so indecisive when it comes to everything and my glasses especially, I have quite the collection now + it’s the best deal, I never spend over $30 per pair! As I’ve mentioned before I always order from Zenni! And in this photo below you can see my Cartier-like bangle from my favorite local boutique Elle G! I got this almost a year ago, it has Roman numerals 1-12 and I love that because Avynn’s birthday is the 12th of March so 12 is a special number! 

I have an obsession with throwing on a dress and again and again here I am explaining this! Mine is from Necessary Clothing which has always been a favorite site of mine! I also was spoiled when James let me order some new booties! These peep-toes are from SIMMI! I could order every single pair, I’m addicted! They’re super comfy and I can’t wait to dress up some jeans with them!

I love that this jacket can still transition into nicer weather because it’s mid-length sleeves! This is from H&M

Ladies see how easy it is to throw on a dress + jacket and look like you put yourself together?! Especially being pregnant and in a rush 24/7! I’m serious I wish I was in sweats most times but this is still as comfy. If you don’t want to be daring with a chunky heel, throw sneakers on, that’s exactly what I did after these photos, I transitioned right back to sneakers haha

And as for Avynn, she was over the photos today, until finally she saw me out there and wanted to join…she didn’t want to take her jacket off though-but today we both went with all grey + turtle-necks to match!



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