Suede Saturday ft. Royce Clothing

Some say women are the most insecure out of all human. I think we can all agree. But what causes insecurities are comparisons, and that’s the worse habit. 

When I was pregnant with Avynn I felt so beautiful, most call it a “glow.” I felt that way up until a few weeks before she arrived. I think I was so comfortable eating winter foods and not worrying about dieting or “bouncing-back.”

This time around I’ve been trying to keep up with work outs and not letmyself “go.”

What’s causing insecurities is the big difference that this time around I will be big and pregnant all summer!! 😳

I received a bathing suit a few months back but the weather here has not been warm enough, until I decided to go for it today! This suit is from Royce Clothing and I loooooove the crochet look to it! Thank god I ordered a size L!

I chose to stay away from the beach as a backdrop because the wind was chilly! I received this Vintage jacket from a family friend and I’m obsessed with it! So so funky!

I also chose to cross the ties around my neck for some 90’s choker vibes!

Only a week away from the 6 month mark! So crazy! Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day! 


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