Everyone should own a onesie!

Call me crazy but nothing is more comfortable to me than a 1 piece outfit of any kind. You name it, romper, jumpsuit, one-piece bathing suit and even a onesie! (Until you decide to go pee) 

I’m sure most of you have seen the onesies around Christmas time that everyone gets gifted, or can’t forget when everyone was going crazy over the “Snuggie.” Haha

I’ve been living in this “onesie” of mine lately! To me it screams Richard Simmons in the 80’s! I actually purchased this about 3 summers ago at a thrift store in Providence! I used to wear it often for a workout outfit, and who am I kidding it’s getting sooooo easy to just throw comfy things on- I’m now 26 weeks along with baby Ivory Elle! 

Lately I’ve seen so many of these one piece jumpers/onesies and who knew the 80’s are making a small appearance in 2016. I so badly wanted to find Avynn something to match this and it’s been the biggest struggle! Instead, I threw this on (ironically) after my workout to run some errands. 

My back has been killing me lately (probably since I’ve been too stubborn to put down the heels). So I’ve been living in my sneakers, I just pretend to go for a sporty look instead of wearing sweats 24/7. But let me tell you…the minute I get home I’m in nothing but a t-shirt 😳.

Also, with pregnancy and these amazing vitamins I am taking, my hair is growing quicker than I thought…so I live in hats lately-no complaints here. 

Today I really wanted to stay comfortable but still not feel completely naked-since this tight onesie shows e v e r y t h i n g! So the perfect cure for self conscious body = tying anything and everything around my waist 😏. 

Other than wanting to be comfy, I think wearing sporty clothing always makes us feel a little more motivated (am I the only one?!) 

I’ve been staying steady with my workouts + it’s been harder than I thought….I’ve already gained more weight with this pregnancy and I’m slowly trying to convince myself it’s muscle…somewhere haha 

But more than anything I am feeling great for 26 weeks! I start classes next week and I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Also seen in these posts today is my JORD watch of course! And there’s still time to enter your email below in the chance to win $75 off any watch of your choice! And ladies….Father’s Day is slowly but surely around the corner, a watch would be the perfect gift!!! Remember May 29th is the last day to enter! 

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