Boppy Bloom Butter!

Nothing is nicer after a workout + hot shower, than moisturizing! Pregnant or not this is when your skin is most prone to stretching! 

I am nearing week 27 and boy am I itchy! I’ve always had stretch marks on my belly after Avynn, but already I’m starting to itch; belly, love handles, hips, and booty! So it’s time to prevent more!! 😏

I have tried about 5 different methods within both pregnancies. Vitamin E oil was always my favorite but constantly left my clothing stained and sticky! I then switched to Palmer’s stretch mark cream, and although I love the smell of the cocoa butter, the substance was always thick leaving me more itchy than anything!!

I was contacted by the Boppy company and they asked me to do a review! 

I’m obsessed with this! I haven’t even had to dig into the jar, I’ve been using the excess cream from the lid and it goes a long way! The smell is perfect and it has such a whipped creamy texture!

This is definitely a new favorite, and to all of my mommy readers- I highly recommend!! 


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