Leota NY!

Hey hey! Nothing but gorgeous weather lately here in the 401! And today marks 27 weeks pregnant with Ivory Elle 😳

Time for sure is flying, and the biggest struggle right now is staying cool in this humidity! I began summer classes last week so I’ve been go-go-go! It feels great to finally know exactly what I want and go for it! One step closer. While I’m on-the-go all summer just like I always say…I’m in nothing but dresses! 

A maternity clothing company called Leota out  of New York sent me a maternity dress and I love love love how comfy it is! The dress is so light weight and I loved the neutral tones!

Of course I had to pair it with all black, and call me crazy but staying in heels/wedges/booties is keeping me hopeful haha

Our little girl is the size of a cauliflower now, so comforting her in dresses is ideal! 

Hope you are all staying cool in this heat wave! I know it will be a huge struggle for me until the end of August-yikes!


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