A sprinkle for Ivory Elle!

Yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect! My entire support system picnicking for our family of four! 

We spent months planning a small sprinkle and decided to do a nice backyard BBQ/Picnic style shower! 

We spent hours upon ours with DIY projects and everything came out perfectly! I couldn’t be more thankful for those who took the time to come and celebrate with us! Family is the biggest blessing for sure!! 9 short weeks until we meet Ivory Elle! Thank you all for making our day so special! 

Pink Blush Maternity!

Hello Fierce readers!! Today marks 31 weeks of pregnancy! I was contacted by another company Pink Blush Maternity, to team up with them for an amazing giveaway-I’m so excited to share with you all!

They sent me such a beautiful dress that I know I will continue to wear in the Spring once I’m no longer pregnant! 

These flowy 70’s inspired bell-sleeved dresses are super popular this summer! It’s such a girly look, time to throw up the ✌🏼️ again!

For all of my non-mommy readers their site offers clothing for women-not just maternity! They also offer Plus size, and amazing photo shoot dresses! You have to check them out! 

For our giveaway, please head to my Instagram ➡️ @Kashhmarieee where I also explain the details of the giveaway! 

Here’s all you need to do:

1). Go to my Instagram, like 1 or both of the photos of me in my Pink Blush Maternity dress!

2). Follow my Instagram as well as @Pinkblushmaternity or @Shoppinkblush

3). Tag 2 friends on one of the photos I’ve posted (that is considered your final entry being complete)

Winner will win a $75 gift card! Giveaway ends Monday June 27! Winner will be directly messaged! 

For all of my non-Instagram users I will consider entries here if you follow this blog and tag 2 friends below this post, as well as “liking” Pink Blush Maternity and/or Pink Blush Women’s page on Facebook! 

                                 Good luck!!!! 

Bare snacks + bare feet!

Hey everyone! It’s officially the first day of summer and how exciting, I only have 4 more classes left and 9 weeks until we meet Ivory Elle! 

I’ve been so fortunate to have so many gifts being sent my way! I just received a box of goodies from BareSnacks! They gave me 5 assorted bags of dried apples/bananas, and baked coconut chips (our FAVE)! 

These snacks are Gluten free and delicious! 

Of course I’ve had the worse sweet tooth with my little girl and had to add these honey coconuts to my butterscotch soft serve (so so good). With my original baked coconut chips I’ve been adding to my yogurts for a nice twist on breakfast! 

Avynn fell in love with these snacks as well, we packed our 2 top faves for a day on the water (Fuji + Reds Organic Apple chips, and Honey Coconut chips)

We’ve been bringing these on our walks for a snack and I’m so glad she loves them as much as I do. Our big bag of Apples are gone!

I highly recommend you to order, the medium and large bags are resealable and make the perfect snack for a beach day! 

Follow them on Instagram as well ➡️ BareSnacks

Sunday Streetwear 

Hey hey! 

So I finally hit 29 weeks and we have 11 weeks to go! Noneeeee of my clothes fit me anymore so as I’ve mentioned a trillion times before I’ve been doing some DIY activities with my clothing! I’ve been wearing James’ clothes, and turning my old jeans into shorts! 

I also went back platinum! If you know me well enough I can never ever keep my hair the same, it changes like the weather I swear! And I finally found a hat with holes so I don’t sweat all summer! 

I started my day off in wedges and switched to sneakers because this back of mine 😩😩

But overall I wanted to blog for you guys because my Timehop showed me 4 years ago when I was making shorts I was so creative with my DIY so it inspired me to keep up with it while I’m still staying-at-home! 

I love how my shorts came out! There’s no way these jeans would fit if they didn’t have a trillion holes! 

Ladies!!!! Use what you already have to create the look you want! Believe me I’ve been the one to always complain about how I have “no clothes” and really you just have to dig deeper in your closet! 

I love this tomboy look, it’s so simple with earth tones and military vibes! 


Staying Kool in Khaki cut outs 

It was finally time to figure out what I was going to do all summer with no bathing suit 😳 I have been trying on every single one I own, and finally decided to splurge on a new one! Don’t get me wrong-nothing is wrong with a cute maternity suit but I find going up a few sizes has always worked in my favor! 

I decided to go for a nice walk with my sister, followed by the most relaxing swim! It was 75* outside and beautiful! Anddddd let me just add, we hit 7 months!! Can’t believe how time is flying!

I ordered a bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe , I love love love how their clothing is simple and timeless. Although it wasn’t exactly a “swimsuit” it definitely caught my eye. 

I also whipped out my “kimono-like” cover-up. I purchased this from H+M a few years back and fell in love with the nature tones! 

I hope you’re all enjoying these gorgeous summer days! I’m now studying for my first exam of the summer session! Until next time!