Staying Kool in Khaki cut outs 

It was finally time to figure out what I was going to do all summer with no bathing suit 😳 I have been trying on every single one I own, and finally decided to splurge on a new one! Don’t get me wrong-nothing is wrong with a cute maternity suit but I find going up a few sizes has always worked in my favor! 

I decided to go for a nice walk with my sister, followed by the most relaxing swim! It was 75* outside and beautiful! Anddddd let me just add, we hit 7 months!! Can’t believe how time is flying!

I ordered a bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe , I love love love how their clothing is simple and timeless. Although it wasn’t exactly a “swimsuit” it definitely caught my eye. 

I also whipped out my “kimono-like” cover-up. I purchased this from H+M a few years back and fell in love with the nature tones! 

I hope you’re all enjoying these gorgeous summer days! I’m now studying for my first exam of the summer session! Until next time!


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