Sunday Streetwear 

Hey hey! 

So I finally hit 29 weeks and we have 11 weeks to go! Noneeeee of my clothes fit me anymore so as I’ve mentioned a trillion times before I’ve been doing some DIY activities with my clothing! I’ve been wearing James’ clothes, and turning my old jeans into shorts! 

I also went back platinum! If you know me well enough I can never ever keep my hair the same, it changes like the weather I swear! And I finally found a hat with holes so I don’t sweat all summer! 

I started my day off in wedges and switched to sneakers because this back of mine 😩😩

But overall I wanted to blog for you guys because my Timehop showed me 4 years ago when I was making shorts I was so creative with my DIY so it inspired me to keep up with it while I’m still staying-at-home! 

I love how my shorts came out! There’s no way these jeans would fit if they didn’t have a trillion holes! 

Ladies!!!! Use what you already have to create the look you want! Believe me I’ve been the one to always complain about how I have “no clothes” and really you just have to dig deeper in your closet! 

I love this tomboy look, it’s so simple with earth tones and military vibes! 


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