Bare snacks + bare feet!

Hey everyone! It’s officially the first day of summer and how exciting, I only have 4 more classes left and 9 weeks until we meet Ivory Elle! 

I’ve been so fortunate to have so many gifts being sent my way! I just received a box of goodies from BareSnacks! They gave me 5 assorted bags of dried apples/bananas, and baked coconut chips (our FAVE)! 

These snacks are Gluten free and delicious! 

Of course I’ve had the worse sweet tooth with my little girl and had to add these honey coconuts to my butterscotch soft serve (so so good). With my original baked coconut chips I’ve been adding to my yogurts for a nice twist on breakfast! 

Avynn fell in love with these snacks as well, we packed our 2 top faves for a day on the water (Fuji + Reds Organic Apple chips, and Honey Coconut chips)

We’ve been bringing these on our walks for a snack and I’m so glad she loves them as much as I do. Our big bag of Apples are gone!

I highly recommend you to order, the medium and large bags are resealable and make the perfect snack for a beach day! 

Follow them on Instagram as well ➡️ BareSnacks

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