Blacks + Brights! 

9 months pregnant, and Avynn can’t be more excited to become a big sister! It’s the sweetest thing, she wakes up every morning and kisses my belly saying “good morning Ivory” or “I miss you Ivory,” I can’t take it 😩

Being 9 months pregnant in the summertime with a 3 year old means I have 0 energy to get us completely dressed and ready. I’ve literally been keeping a water bottle in the car, and slicking my hair back while dumping it on my head. (Attempting to look somewhat chic, but feel the chill).

Although the weather in Rhode Island is so sticky and humid, we decided to drape our brights over our backs!

I’ve had this coral-neon jacket for years I honestly think I found it at a TJ Maxx in Florida.

As I always say, dresses are so necessary this pregnancy -or any.

We decided to be crazy and wear all black with our brights! It was the same exact aesthetic of a blog photo Ave and I did over 2 years ago when she was just a little babe… Look!

These photos keep popping up on my Facebook Timehop and let me tell you I have allllll the feels!

Avynns tribal bright jacket is from H+M , and she’s wearing another one of our homemade chokers!

Despite the weather as I keep mentioning, I decided to whip these jackets out of the closet because we have been revamping the closets like crazy! These are such Springy jackets and by next Spring, I’m sure Ave’s jacket will be handed down to Ivory!

                               •27 days!!!!!•

 Xx, 4O1Fierce


Blushing w/summer whites 

It’s officially 30 days ’til this little girl joins us, making us a family of 4! So so crazy right?

I’ve been so busy and decided to focus on nesting non stop! I cleaned out my closet and found this white skirt again which I have been using as a tube-top this pregnancy!

I haven’t been able to make it to the beach (mostly because I get so burnt now while pregnant) okay and I’m so sweaty I don’t like cooking in the sun while carrying a 5lb baby 😳

I usually jump in, swim for a minute, then leave the beach….so therefore I’ve barely gotten color this summer and that’s okay! That’s exactly what the color white is for right? Haha

My “body suit” was a bathing suit I died over last summer and it’s the biggest one I have that fits, so I decided to transform it! Along with the blush suit, I threw on my blush booties from Necessary Clothing

These neutral tones are so flattering for a tan….or lack there of

Lastly I decided since I showed so much skin with this outfit I would throw on my cape from Style Heist !

Time for Ivory Elle to be here so so soon! So why not embrace some Ivory tones? And I’m embracing some swimming-pool-hair as well, haha 

Keeping this post short-n-sweet….did I mention how exhausted I’ve been…..💤💤💤


Last call for jeans 

So as I’ve mentioned in the previous post, we only have 5 weeks to go. I’m officially 35 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and only 35 days ’til we get to kiss her cheeks!

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about fashion is being able to dress “tomboy” with a twist. Although it was super hot, I decided Ave and I would throw some jeans on and go! And It took a good 4 minutes to get these jeans past my hips 😳

Babies really do change our womanly figure, and I cannot complain. All my life I struggled to gain weight and was self conscious of having “chicken legs, and bony knees.”

And as much as I enjoy the weight gain and widening of hips, this was my biggest pair a jeans in the closet, and they didn’t get zipped or buttoned, haha 

Clothing holds so much memory, just like photos, and both I cling to. This camo shirt I wore over 4 years ago at Halloween…so so crazy to me. These jeans Avynn has on were from a previous blog post “DIY Denim”

I’ve literally been flipping my closet upside down to help resist the urge to just throw on sweats or active wear. This “shirt” is a dress I wore months back, it’s so insane the amount of clothes I’ve been re-creating into something different.

As always I throw on a hat and go! I’ve always been such a hat girl but since becoming a mom I think there’s been a handful of times I’ve actually tried and done my hair!

Now my hair is growing at an insane pace and these roots are hiding.

Both chokers around my neck were made by me, because like I always say… Improvise with what you already have in your closet!!!

Ladies, pregnant or not start flipping your closets! Take one of your favorite dresses and use it as a tunic style shirt with some ripped boyfriend jeans and booties! It’s comfy, you don’t always have to go for a crop top!

            Until next time! Xx, 4O1Fierce


34 weeks w/his t shirts 

This look was inspired by emotion. I’ve completely been reflecting on these past 25 years of my life…everything in the world screams hate and fear today. I remember running around barefoot in the 90’s (choker and all) and my only concern being going home for dinner. That was what being free felt like, I remember always feeling so much passion for capturing memories through photo and having all the time in the world to do so.

I now continue to squeeze in this passion of mine, along with progressing towards bigger goals for my families future.
I’ve been ranting for months about how I’ve been stealing James’ wardrobe, and let me tell you it’s either that, or I throw on a dress!

Because men’s clothing can sometimes be super plain, I decided to layer the crap out of myself…even in the hottest weather we’ve been blessed with here in the 401!

So we’ve finally reached 34 weeks and although I’m wearing bathing suit bottoms that can’t be seen, it’s been a #1 priority when I get home to take my pants off 😩.

Thankfully we have 6 weeks to go and we can snuggle with our little one all winter!

There’s nothing I love more than white in the summertime, and who doesn’t love denim?!

Here I’m layering my necklaces from Mirina Collections NY

It felt great to be behind the camera again. I wish more people would embrace their passionate.

A huge thank you to Charles Christian for these gorgeous shots!

                              Xx, 4O1Fierce

Wednesday workouts w/Raspbelly Tea!

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s July 13th already ?! Summer is flyingggggg but sadly I’m okay with that because tomorrow we hit our 34 week mark, with just 6 short weeks to go!

Ivory has pretty much everything she needs so far, so now it’s been time to focus more on preparing for labor again 😳.

With Avynn I hit 40 weeks and she wasn’t ready, and eventually I had to get induced! We have fingers crossed Ivory will come on her own this time! To speed up the process I was introduced to Raspbelly Tea! Kristina the sweetest founder of the company reached out to me and told me all of the benefits of drinking the tea! Aside from always being a tea lover, I made sure I could drink it iced (especially in this humidity)!

Red raspberry leaf tea can help you prepare your body for shorter and easier labor (fingers crossed)! Alkaloid fragrine strengthens and tones your uterine muscles for more effective (shorter and easier) second (pushing) stage labor. You start drinking 3 cups of tea a day at 32 weeks of your pregnancy. You can drink freely during labor and as desired after birth!

Although I haven’t been doing the exact same workout routine I had previous to this pregnancy, I’ve been staying active by walking, and doing minor leg workouts!

I feel great for 34 weeks and this tea has definitely given benefits already! It eases morning sickness and in my third trimester I started feeling nauseous again.

The high vitamin & mineral content may help with bleeding gums (which let me tell you, gingivitis is reallllll during pregnancy),leg cramps, swelling in late pregnancy, and promote restful sleep.

I used to swell like crazy in my first pregnancy…especially the amounts of Japanese Hibachi I craved-and demolished!

With labor in 6 short weeks the benefits of this tea will help strengthen and tone the muscles used during labor and delivery! (Strengthens and tones uterine and pelvic floor muscles for delivery and proper healing after birth)

This tea has high mineral content so this helps with plentiful breast milk production!

For my mommies and daddies who are trying for children, drinking this helps with fertility as well! This gives nourishing vitamins and minerals that are the key factor in producing!

Any questions about the tea? Feel free to email me ➡️ ! Use my promo code “40115” to receive 15% off at You can also follow Raspbelly Tea on Instagram ➡️ Raspbelly Tea


Comfy tees for maternity!

Happy July everyone!
I just received the cutest packages in the mail from a small company called HotMamashop! They make graphic tees for maternity and wanted me to share with my mommy readers!

I told them I was a medium and I looooove how these tees have length to them, because this belly is peaking out 👀
We are now 32 weeks!!!!!

I will also be doing a giveaway! I have 3 tees all in a size medium, all you have to do is go to my Instagram @Kashhmarieee and follow me, like the photo I posted featuring one of their tees, tag 2 friends under the photo and follow their Instagram @hotmamashop7 once you’ve completed these steps make sure you announce that you’ve entered to win!

I will announce the 2 winners Saturday July 9!

                                     Good luck!