Wednesday workouts w/Raspbelly Tea!

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s July 13th already ?! Summer is flyingggggg but sadly I’m okay with that because tomorrow we hit our 34 week mark, with just 6 short weeks to go!

Ivory has pretty much everything she needs so far, so now it’s been time to focus more on preparing for labor again 😳.

With Avynn I hit 40 weeks and she wasn’t ready, and eventually I had to get induced! We have fingers crossed Ivory will come on her own this time! To speed up the process I was introduced to Raspbelly Tea! Kristina the sweetest founder of the company reached out to me and told me all of the benefits of drinking the tea! Aside from always being a tea lover, I made sure I could drink it iced (especially in this humidity)!

Red raspberry leaf tea can help you prepare your body for shorter and easier labor (fingers crossed)! Alkaloid fragrine strengthens and tones your uterine muscles for more effective (shorter and easier) second (pushing) stage labor. You start drinking 3 cups of tea a day at 32 weeks of your pregnancy. You can drink freely during labor and as desired after birth!

Although I haven’t been doing the exact same workout routine I had previous to this pregnancy, I’ve been staying active by walking, and doing minor leg workouts!

I feel great for 34 weeks and this tea has definitely given benefits already! It eases morning sickness and in my third trimester I started feeling nauseous again.

The high vitamin & mineral content may help with bleeding gums (which let me tell you, gingivitis is reallllll during pregnancy),leg cramps, swelling in late pregnancy, and promote restful sleep.

I used to swell like crazy in my first pregnancy…especially the amounts of Japanese Hibachi I craved-and demolished!

With labor in 6 short weeks the benefits of this tea will help strengthen and tone the muscles used during labor and delivery! (Strengthens and tones uterine and pelvic floor muscles for delivery and proper healing after birth)

This tea has high mineral content so this helps with plentiful breast milk production!

For my mommies and daddies who are trying for children, drinking this helps with fertility as well! This gives nourishing vitamins and minerals that are the key factor in producing!

Any questions about the tea? Feel free to email me ➡️ ! Use my promo code “40115” to receive 15% off at You can also follow Raspbelly Tea on Instagram ➡️ Raspbelly Tea


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