Daddy’s day off!

It’s officially 2 days past our due date, and we are officially on our “baby moon.” James took the weekend off, and we’ve been spending a ton of time with my family for my sisters’ birthdays! It’s been so nice having him around but of course he’s had to deal with my crazy nesting!

He’s such an outdoors person, he hates being at home so being in Newport this weekend was perfect. And now he returns to work tomorrow until our next update on Ivory Elle’s arrival.

In the meantime it’s Sunday!!!! Which means laundry and golf! We have our last basket of laundry to clean and once that’s finished the diaper bag will (seriously) be ready this time.

A few posts ago I introduced this beauty

Melodie from HAPP loved my posts and because this Lexy backpack is unisex she wanted to see James with it! It’s actually so ironic because with Avynns diaperbag we made sure James loved it too, and he’s obsessed with this one! He brags about the lime green just like I do.

This bag will be perfect especially because since the straps adjust it fits James, Avynn, and I! 

Definitely go check out their other styles although I’m so guilty that this is by far our favorite! Perfect daddy backpack diaper bag! I give 5 stars, and James and I will definitely be fighting over who wears it more-haha 

Still no sign of baby, like always…stay tuned!

                                 Xx, 4O1Fierce 

Staying FIERCE

Guysssss today is our due date!!! We are officially 40 weeks pregnant, and still no baby. I’ve been walking, eating, and trying my hardest to rest when I can.

A Puma distributor reached out to me telling me he loved that my blog is called 4O1Fierce and wanted me to try out a pair of their Puma Fierce sneakers!

I think when I was in middle school I had my first pair of Pumas, and these ones are soooo comfy!

I’ve been in active wear/street wear for the past few days because I’ve been so uncomfortable!

Wearing all black has for sure been sticky, but when all else fails right? Haha 

I love that the Pumas have no laces so they completely slip on!

I decided to make this my fierce post because as I prepare for labor, I’ve never felt more strong. I’ve been trying to turn my anxieties into excitement and it’s finally starting to kick in!

I know especially post-baby number 2 these shoes will be a top favorite of mine!

Now, dead serious…we are off to the hospital as I type this! Stay tuned!!!!!

Feeling relaxed w/ The Floating Market 

If you didn’t already know, tomorrow is our due date for baby #2! What a long, but amazing 40 weeks it’s been! Being pregnant while staying home with a 3 year old has been stressful, but rewarding! As the days creep closer to having a family of 4 my anxiety has been through the roof.

If you were to ask my family and friends all they would say is that I haven’t sat still, I’ve cleaned the house a trillion times-the car over and over, tried to get rid of every last piece of dirty laundry and sheesh I’ve even given Avynns fish a whole new tank haha! Talk about nesting right?!

One thing I’ve learned since giving birth to Avynn was that we are never fully prepared. Nothing makes us more ready than the simple pure fact that we are women and this is what we were born to do. I remember how proud I felt after bringing Avynn home…all 9lb 4.5 oz 21.5″ of her….yikes!

Happy and healthy, and we treasured her. Just knowing I will feel that explosive amount of blessedness any day now is nothing but motivating. In the mean time I could lie and say I’ve been relaxed, but I’ve been non-stop.

A little company in Denver, CO called The Floating Market spoiled me with a box of goodies this week!

I dove right into the box a few days ago! As seen in the top right corner in that little purple wrapper is a “shower burst” known commonly as a bath bomb! I had a rough day with Avynn and to get her to relax too, I filled the bath and dropped one of these in!

Ave loved watching it fizz and I looooved climbing in the tub with her, while we both relaxed and I sat there brushing through her curls.

The smell filled our entire bathroom and I even used the silky water to shave my legs haha

Last night Avynn begged to use another one, so I saved this last one for me!

Along with the bursts were 3 bars of soap! “The Naked Bar” can be broken into smaller pieces and used for Ivory when she arrives! And the Lemongrass one is a vibrant green and yellow and smells so nice!

I cannot wait for my shower later because let me tell you this raspberry lemonade soap smells like heaven! And you have no idea how much the slightest smell of something has satisfied me this pregnancy! This is to die for.

I also am in love with the look of the soaps, everything about this company is perfect down to the packaging!

Another smell that I’m crazy over is this Grapefruit Sugar Scrub pictured in an orange-tone below! Kristine encouraged me to use now and after baby on my belly, especially for stretch-marks!

I have a ton of goodies for post-baby as well…for a nice calming bath with Ivory, and even some tea to drink! Like I said, this company spoiled me! 

Pictured above is their Organic Lemongrass and Hibiscus Tea! I can’t wait to try!

I encourage you all to check them out through the link above, and to see sneak peeks of new products they’re making make sure to follow them on Instagram ➡️ The Floating Market

These bath and body products are the perfect gift, and hey-treat yourself too! I’m finally feeling relaxed, the house is ready for Ivory and so are we!!!  P.s. Wishing my older sister a huge Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!!

Xx, 4O1Fierce 

Mom’n on a Monday!

Guyssssss….we are at our 4 day countdown and it’s so so crazy! I’m feeling so anxious more than anything and I’m trying my hardest to turn the anxiety to excitement.

Since Ivory is my second birth I know what to expect now (for the most part), and that’s enough to throw me in panic mode…have any other mommies of 2 or more experienced this? I sound so selfish but I’m being honest. My nerves are getting the best of me. Regardless it’s all always well worth it!

Today I switched hospital bags because a company from LA called HAPP brand reached out to me and sent me this amazing bag.

I love the backpack style, and you can never go wrong with denim! I love the California vibes it brings. That’s also why I decided to throw on my fringe nude top from Cali Trends

The backpack has so much space, and the pops of lime green have me obsessed!

So crazy to me that we are packed and ready for the hospital, I know I’ll miss my bump soon enough (we always do)!

I’m sure you will all see more of this diaper bag in future posts! Today we have our 39 week appointment at 2:20 p.m. And I’m so excited to see if we are 2+cm dilated!

This diaper bag can be found on their site at it is called the “Levy backpack”

Also give them a follow on Instagram ➡️ HAPP

Stay tuned for baby number two!!

Leather + Lace 

It’s officially our 1 week mark, baby number 2 could arrive any day….so so crazy!

Looking at old photos from the hospital with Avynn’s birth experience is making me so anxious.

I’ve been staying so busy and everyone around me keeps reminding me to rest, I swear it’s so impossible. It’s mind blowing that I’ll be a mother of 2 little girls. I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed. Having James through it all definitely fills my heart.

I try to capture every moment, always have and always will. I purchased the cutest high-waisted lace bell bottoms for Avynn a month back at H+M and although I wanted to wait for fall to whip these out, I couldn’t help but throw them on Ave for a leather + lace vibe.

Taking these photos for my blog has always just been something to keep us busy and it was a way for me to transform my love for “modeling” into an every-week lifestyle.

I just signed with a blogging site who is now actively paying me to write. It’s amazing to be appreciated for both passions of mine, fashion photography + writing.

Keeping this post short and sweet, attempting to get some rest today before photographing my youngest sister. I didn’t mention she was just signed to a local modeling agency, I now get to style her shoots!

Baby Ivory is the size of a mini watermelon today, can’t wait to kiss her cheeks and finally have my family of four!!


Jypsy in the 4O1 


So I’ve been dying to connect with more lifestyle brands and when I finally jumped on the phone with founder of Jypsy Life, I fell in love! Her story was completely inspiring!

It’s always so important to understand and believe in a companies vibe and vision!

The Jypsy Life is a movement, focusing on both it’s people and growth. This is no doubt the most organic underground movement of this generation.

Everyone who has a custom-made Jypsy item has met a Jypsy and has been linked into the movement.

The company has even refused to grant access of the website to the general public.

The Jypsy Life is the wanderlust of mind, fashion, art, relationships and celebration.

Getting lost in our lives on purpose serves a purpose and in the end we as Jypsies realize the best things in life were never the things we can touch, but the things we feel!

I never planned to become a mother of 2 at 25 years old, but that’s what life’s journey is really about, the unexpected. We get thrown these rocks and we either catch them and stack them, scatter them, or we can choose to let them weigh us down.

I really don’t know what my life would have turned out to be, but my shifts in job titles, career, friendships, and future goals have all slowly changed and now finally are aligning.

Based on true journeys and experiences, the jypsies are nomadic people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds that share our individual style, secrets and philosophies to eachother.

We live to inspire, to give back, to take life as a journey, and as it comes.

With another little girl on the way any day now, embracing how life has turned out for me has done nothing but humble me and fill my heart. Red is the most powerful color, I am a powerful woman. We as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives; we are the future. Embrace your journey, even when it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom. The grass sometimes shines greener on the other side.


Keep America Beautiful Fierce-Style

Hello again!!

So last night was my small local event to inspire my community to participate in Anti-Bullying. Bullying has been an extreme problem in society and in all of our lives. We all could think of a time we were bullied, or we did the bullying.

I set up a small table with minor refreshments and a poster that people could come and sign!

I glued hearts to my poster board where my guests would come and label 2 different sentences on 1 heart. The first thing I encouraged them to explain was 1 thing they loved about themselves. The second was to think about their enemy, or someone who bullied them…or even the last person they argued with, and write one compliment about that person. I felt this was a perfect way to ‘beautify our community’

My goal was to fill each heart, but unfortunately not many locals showed. This is an event I could have planned better, but for those who actually took the time out of their day, it’s something I will always appreciate.

Towards the middle of the event there were a group of men running past the field. We encouraged them to stop and take part in this Anti-Bullying activity. They continued to run, and that was that. Until we were about to pack everything up around 7pm a random black truck pulled up, and as the man walked up he explained to us “I was one of the runners from earlier” then he said “did you say this was for Anti-Bullying? I was bullied so much while growing up”

We explained the activity and he was so appreciative, it made me so happy that “Brian” chose to come back and the activity actually impacted him. He thanked me for hosting a small event like this and in return (especially since he was an active runner) I rewarded him with the “Keep America Beautiful” bottle!

This was definitely the highlight of my event.

We also had a young brother and sister who came with their dad, and it’s always been the biggest passion of mine to influence the younger generation, so that alone humbled me just to be able to talk with them about their 2 sentences for the poster!

Thank you again to everyone, and next time I will make sure it’s not so last minute so I can encourage more to participate!!


Keep America Beautiful!

Hey everyone! So for awhile I’ve been trying to team up with a non-profit organization in hopes to make a change with 4O1Fierce. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably remember my “Breakteeth” campaign last year.

Although that got the attention of many friends and family, I found that I wanted to hold off on the entire campaign until it was more developed and understood.

An organization called “Keep America Beautiful” reached out to me and wanted me to help make a difference in my community (no matter how big or small).

Of course I could go ahead and plant a tree, or take Avynn with me to pick up garbage in a park or at the beach…but when I heard the word “community,” I knew I wanted to inspire others to get involved!

Although I reside in North Kingstown, I grew up with friends in both Narragansett and South Kingstown. Just like everywhere in America today bullying and disrespect is a huge, and disgusting issue.

All I see on the Internet is hate. Cyber bullying has been happening for years, and now instead of it being anonymous like it used to be, I see pure attacking with bullying all over Facebook. We have all done it, read it, or hopefully stood up for it.

I could name a thousand examples and a millions reasons why people bully, it all stems back to the psychological mindset and the dreaded words ‘the past.’

Regardless of who you are and what your reasoning of “hating” someone is, it all stems deeper into who we are. By first loving ourselves and loving life as a whole we realize that the biggest dramas become so tiny, and it’s only once we appreciate and respect who we are. 

This Monday, August 15th from 5pm-7pm I will be set up in Wakefield Rhode Island at Old Mountain field.

I chose August 15th for a very specific reason. When I was in middle school I met an amazing friend who I became extremely close to. The summer of us entering high school she began getting bullied by a group of girls. Coming into high school she had to literally carry a pen up her sleeve to protect herself from being ‘jumped.’ I will refrain from the details but this experience has stuck with me since. It was a real life experience watching my friend feel so threatened in a place where she came to learn.

August 15th is her birthday, so I chose to celebrate peace, whether or not her experiences that I recall first hand, have effected her or stuck with her in her later 20’s.

Old mountain field is a local sports and event “park,” where many events are held. Since I moved from Narragansett to South Kingstown during childhood, I’ve always remembered going to OMF specifically for July 4th to see the fireworks. It’s like a huge class reunion….everyone is there. This field is also where endless amounts of fights, and arrests have occurred. I avoid OMF on the 4th at all costs.

I choose to bring a small piece of peace here, on this day (tomorrow).

I will be setting up a small area where any local readers/friends/family can come take part in my small participation in a huge campaign. The campaign is designed to help give back in your community and it inspires people to take action towards beautifying and improving our community. Although this could have been a ‘green’ campaign, I wanted to take a twist at things.

Come down to OMF and sign my poster. I want each person to think of the last time they bullied someone, or think about the person they ‘hate,’ or last fought with. I want you to write a word or sentence finding one piece of beauty in that person, instead of picking a flaw. Then I want you to pick a piece of you that you love, and write that down as well. I will then document with a photo, a picture of each person who has come to participate (if you don’t mind)

For those who are uncomfortable with making their words public, I have a small private notebook as well!

Share this post with your friends, I will be creating an event through Facebook because I feel Facebook is where I’ve seen the most hatred. I hope I see some familiar faces there!

Let’s put a small piece of peace in our community, See you tomorrow night! (If you really want to participate, wear red for the color of the #KeepAmericaBeautiful organization)