Expectful Meditation 

Hey hey! It’s a gorgeous Wednesday and feels great to be half way done with the week already. I have my last Ultrasound today to see how big Ivory Elle is measuring…fingers crossed she’s not a huge 9 4.5lb babe like Ave was!

It’s been way harder to rest and get comfortable lately (even in the AC) crazy right?

A company called Expectful reached out to me and I’m not joking when I say their meditation videos changed my entire week this week!

While pregnant with Avynn I was working at a local AT&T and although I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, I completely threw in the towel 8 weeks before Ave was born. I have 23 days left ’til Ivy’s due date and I’m still going to work 5 days a week!

Staying active this pregnancy has made me feel great, but getting to these last weeks has made me exhausted. It’s so funny, I’m tired all day until I try to get some sleep at night…insomnia is no joke!

When Expectful reached out to me, they gave me a trial to view and listen to their pregnancy meditation guides and let.me.tell.you I am so sad I didn’t start meditating earlier. They provide exercises for all 3 trimesters!

Last night I listened to meditation exercises before bed and I slept like a baby….I actually think I fell asleep during the last exercise!

Before I began last night I was watching a video on how to meditate while walking and being on the go 24/7 this is definitely for me!

After dropping James off at work this morning, to kill time Avynn and I went for a walk, I even taught her the meditation breathing exercises! These exercises will work for me, especially in high stress moments where I’d rather be napping, but instead I’m repeating myself to my 3 year old 15 times. Patience is a virtue people!!!

Followed by our walk, Avynn was my photographer. Life’s greatest gift is capturing memories and it’s amazing to me that Avynn enjoys capturing moments just like I always have!

Just like any workout you should have a “cool down,” above I am in my cool down, getting ready to throw my jacket back on. I am practicing their ‘inhale 2x, exhale 4x’ exercise (hence the concentrated face) haha 

Pregnant or not, I highly recommend meditating and also signing up for ➡️ Expectful
Also, follow them on Instagram ➡️ Expectful

Any questions? Shoot me an email @ 4O1fiercely@gmail.com


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