Sporty Sunday


So I’ve waited a few days to post this because I haven’t even had time to breathe these last few days. We had our 37 week appointment on Friday, and found out we are already 1cm dilated with 3 weeks to go! So insane.

With Avynn I wasn’t 1cm dilated til 4 or 5 days before my due date, and then we ended up getting induced. I’ve been trying to focus all of the energy that I have left into nesting, nesting, nesting!

No one ever is completely prepared for baby, but we cleaned our car out, James panicked and set her swing up, we packed the hospital bag…and now I have to get a ton of tests done for my summer course.

After finding out the shocking news that Ivory could come at any time, my mom, Avynn and I had a relaxing night at my brothers house grilling out by the water.

I decided that any clothing items I’ve purchased for my pregnancy (in pregnancy sizes) had to be whipped out now just incase she makes her arrival!

This dress is a size M and was still too short for my liking, so thankfully I whipped it out just in time. I haven’t even attempted a weight training exercise in over 3 months so therefore my “love handles” have been my biggest insecurity, and a jiggly booty hasn’t been so cute. I use a jacket to hide both, haha

I went cheap for this dress, I love how deep the army green was so I snagged it right away. For maternity dresses I always either stick with H+M or Forever because they shrink after 1 wash which is great for post-baby, and I also don’t feel bad spending a cheap $15 on a dress that I can just throw on!

I’ve also resorted to sneakers this entire pregnancy, they’re the only thing that can hide my swollen feet, and also support every single pound of me as I walk up 3 flights to my apartment daily, phew

I found these Nike’s for only $60!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, can’t believe the first week of August is over!! But I sure am excited for fall and this babe!