Keep America Beautiful Fierce-Style

Hello again!!

So last night was my small local event to inspire my community to participate in Anti-Bullying. Bullying has been an extreme problem in society and in all of our lives. We all could think of a time we were bullied, or we did the bullying.

I set up a small table with minor refreshments and a poster that people could come and sign!

I glued hearts to my poster board where my guests would come and label 2 different sentences on 1 heart. The first thing I encouraged them to explain was 1 thing they loved about themselves. The second was to think about their enemy, or someone who bullied them…or even the last person they argued with, and write one compliment about that person. I felt this was a perfect way to ‘beautify our community’

My goal was to fill each heart, but unfortunately not many locals showed. This is an event I could have planned better, but for those who actually took the time out of their day, it’s something I will always appreciate.

Towards the middle of the event there were a group of men running past the field. We encouraged them to stop and take part in this Anti-Bullying activity. They continued to run, and that was that. Until we were about to pack everything up around 7pm a random black truck pulled up, and as the man walked up he explained to us “I was one of the runners from earlier” then he said “did you say this was for Anti-Bullying? I was bullied so much while growing up”

We explained the activity and he was so appreciative, it made me so happy that “Brian” chose to come back and the activity actually impacted him. He thanked me for hosting a small event like this and in return (especially since he was an active runner) I rewarded him with the “Keep America Beautiful” bottle!

This was definitely the highlight of my event.

We also had a young brother and sister who came with their dad, and it’s always been the biggest passion of mine to influence the younger generation, so that alone humbled me just to be able to talk with them about their 2 sentences for the poster!

Thank you again to everyone, and next time I will make sure it’s not so last minute so I can encourage more to participate!!