Daddy’s day off!

It’s officially 2 days past our due date, and we are officially on our “baby moon.” James took the weekend off, and we’ve been spending a ton of time with my family for my sisters’ birthdays! It’s been so nice having him around but of course he’s had to deal with my crazy nesting!

He’s such an outdoors person, he hates being at home so being in Newport this weekend was perfect. And now he returns to work tomorrow until our next update on Ivory Elle’s arrival.

In the meantime it’s Sunday!!!! Which means laundry and golf! We have our last basket of laundry to clean and once that’s finished the diaper bag will (seriously) be ready this time.

A few posts ago I introduced this beauty

Melodie from HAPP loved my posts and because this Lexy backpack is unisex she wanted to see James with it! It’s actually so ironic because with Avynns diaperbag we made sure James loved it too, and he’s obsessed with this one! He brags about the lime green just like I do.

This bag will be perfect especially because since the straps adjust it fits James, Avynn, and I! 

Definitely go check out their other styles although I’m so guilty that this is by far our favorite! Perfect daddy backpack diaper bag! I give 5 stars, and James and I will definitely be fighting over who wears it more-haha 

Still no sign of baby, like always…stay tuned!

                                 Xx, 4O1Fierce 

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