Pairie Giveaway!

Hello again! We hit our 38 week mark yesterday and I’m another cm dilated!! Other than that, things have been going smoothly on this end! I’ve been spoiled with gifts from amazing companies and today I get to share a giveaway with you all!

I teamed up with Pairie and they sent me this gorgeous silver bangle!

I love wearing it on my left wrist, because although I’ve always been a “gold girl” my engagement ring matches perfectly with it!

I’ve been wearing it non stop, you can see it featured in my last 2 blog posts!

We are excited to announce this amazing giveaway from 8/14/16 to 8/27/16!

We will be selecting 3 winners who will receive PAIRIE gift certificate to shop for your favorite jewelry pieces!

Head to my Instagram @ Kashhmarieee for more details.

All you have to do is click this link ➡️      GIVEAWAY

It will be live tomorrow (Sunday 8/14)!

                             Good luck!!!!!!!


Friday in the fields!

Today marks 38 weeks, I can’t even believe it. And even dresses are getting so so sticky. Also let me just add sandals are just not an option anymore….I think my swollen feet have broken 2 pairs already haha

So sneakers (especially these netted ones) are so necessary! I’m either in sneakers or barefoot, that’s all I can do!

Driving up to class every day I always go past these gorgeous fields which I’ve known about for years, but today I decided I loved how vibrant the corn stalks looked, and we pulled over to shoot!

Today I chose to mix prints, you can never go wrong with stripes, and I threw in some camo on this bandana to match with the green in my sneakers.

I’m almost always without makeup these days so I always have some sunglasses on to hide my tired eyes-yikes! I’m obsessed with these black “cat-like” QUAY sunnies!

This is the stretchiest dress I own, I found it for $15 at Old Navy . I’ve been checking in there non stop for the girls because their baby/children section has come such a long way. I always find something perfect for my girls!

Pictured above is this beautiful bangle sent to me from Pairie …later on this week I will be hosting a giveaway for their collection-so stay tuned!


Wednesday Whites!

Finally some rain to get rid of this sticky wether! I know all of you are probably thinking, shut upppp, we wanted a beach day….but my 9 1/2 month pregnant butt is so sticky this summer!

We are now at 37 weeks 5 days, and I have no idea if I’m more dilated this week than last, but I will find out Friday. It’s so scary now thinking about where I’ll be when my water breaks (if it does), mostly because I’m always on the go this pregnancy! I have 3 nights of class left!!!! And I’ve been taking a small few days off of work to rest because my feet are so swollen. Cankles on cankles!

Spending these last few weeks with Avynn is so important because soon it will be all 3 of us girls. So what better than matching head-to-toe with her?!

I finally found a pair of Reebok classics in her size, and they’re the cutest little things!

We got completely rained out today, so we will do some laundry + studying!

Also did I mention I finally gave into a pair of maternity shorts?! I shouldn’t say “gave in,” maternity clothes are actually so cute these days….I mainly just never find the perfect fit, and these shorts were the perfect match! I found them on clearance at H+M for only $7!!!?!

Avynns entire outfit was found at Target … I’m so in love with these little spandex shorts on her!

                                Until next time!

Xx, 4O1Fierce 


Sporty Sunday


So I’ve waited a few days to post this because I haven’t even had time to breathe these last few days. We had our 37 week appointment on Friday, and found out we are already 1cm dilated with 3 weeks to go! So insane.

With Avynn I wasn’t 1cm dilated til 4 or 5 days before my due date, and then we ended up getting induced. I’ve been trying to focus all of the energy that I have left into nesting, nesting, nesting!

No one ever is completely prepared for baby, but we cleaned our car out, James panicked and set her swing up, we packed the hospital bag…and now I have to get a ton of tests done for my summer course.

After finding out the shocking news that Ivory could come at any time, my mom, Avynn and I had a relaxing night at my brothers house grilling out by the water.

I decided that any clothing items I’ve purchased for my pregnancy (in pregnancy sizes) had to be whipped out now just incase she makes her arrival!

This dress is a size M and was still too short for my liking, so thankfully I whipped it out just in time. I haven’t even attempted a weight training exercise in over 3 months so therefore my “love handles” have been my biggest insecurity, and a jiggly booty hasn’t been so cute. I use a jacket to hide both, haha

I went cheap for this dress, I love how deep the army green was so I snagged it right away. For maternity dresses I always either stick with H+M or Forever because they shrink after 1 wash which is great for post-baby, and I also don’t feel bad spending a cheap $15 on a dress that I can just throw on!

I’ve also resorted to sneakers this entire pregnancy, they’re the only thing that can hide my swollen feet, and also support every single pound of me as I walk up 3 flights to my apartment daily, phew

I found these Nike’s for only $60!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, can’t believe the first week of August is over!! But I sure am excited for fall and this babe!


Expectful Meditation 

Hey hey! It’s a gorgeous Wednesday and feels great to be half way done with the week already. I have my last Ultrasound today to see how big Ivory Elle is measuring…fingers crossed she’s not a huge 9 4.5lb babe like Ave was!

It’s been way harder to rest and get comfortable lately (even in the AC) crazy right?

A company called Expectful reached out to me and I’m not joking when I say their meditation videos changed my entire week this week!

While pregnant with Avynn I was working at a local AT&T and although I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, I completely threw in the towel 8 weeks before Ave was born. I have 23 days left ’til Ivy’s due date and I’m still going to work 5 days a week!

Staying active this pregnancy has made me feel great, but getting to these last weeks has made me exhausted. It’s so funny, I’m tired all day until I try to get some sleep at night…insomnia is no joke!

When Expectful reached out to me, they gave me a trial to view and listen to their pregnancy meditation guides and I am so sad I didn’t start meditating earlier. They provide exercises for all 3 trimesters!

Last night I listened to meditation exercises before bed and I slept like a baby….I actually think I fell asleep during the last exercise!

Before I began last night I was watching a video on how to meditate while walking and being on the go 24/7 this is definitely for me!

After dropping James off at work this morning, to kill time Avynn and I went for a walk, I even taught her the meditation breathing exercises! These exercises will work for me, especially in high stress moments where I’d rather be napping, but instead I’m repeating myself to my 3 year old 15 times. Patience is a virtue people!!!

Followed by our walk, Avynn was my photographer. Life’s greatest gift is capturing memories and it’s amazing to me that Avynn enjoys capturing moments just like I always have!

Just like any workout you should have a “cool down,” above I am in my cool down, getting ready to throw my jacket back on. I am practicing their ‘inhale 2x, exhale 4x’ exercise (hence the concentrated face) haha 

Pregnant or not, I highly recommend meditating and also signing up for ➡️ Expectful
Also, follow them on Instagram ➡️ Expectful

Any questions? Shoot me an email @


Monday morning tea time 

Good morning! Only 3 more Monday’s til baby Ivory arrives! And being 36 weeks 4 days, I finally just started feeling nauseous again 😳

I was contacted by another tea company and I’m a huge tea and coffee lover, so of course I was excited to try!

These teas were sent by Bundle Organics

This morning I began with their citrus flavor that gives nausea relief! I love love love the taste! (Orange peel, lemon peel, and ginger) You can find these teas and their other products (like their juices I can’t wait to try) at Babies R Us ! If you purchase straight from their site listed above the photo you can use my discount code ‘4O1fierce15’ to receive 15% off!

These teas are organic, and non-herbal, and caffeine free…so they are completely safe while pregnant! Although I could really use some caffeine on this Monday. James, Avynn and I are off to a family breakfast. Have an amazing Monday!!

And don’t forget to follow ➡️ Bundle Organics on Instagram!