Free hands + my Holster 

Burr! I can feel fall in the air already, and of course it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for…considering I’ve been sticky and pregnant all summer!

Before it gets too chilly and we start to see the s word ‘snow’, I’ve decided to move my workouts outside. We live right across the street from a bike path, so getting out of the house has no excuse to follow!

A few months back one of my favorite brands to exist, sent me the perfect pregnancy gift! This holster I’ve been wearing for weeks!

LD West Has been a love of mine since I left Toronto! I used to travel their at least once a month last summer and it’s been so so long. These leather holsters held my phone and wallet for so many nights out.
Ladies it is so necessary, so you never have to lose your phone/ID again!

For me, it seems as if my nights out will be gone forever now that I’m a mom of 2! However, my holster has come even more a part of my daily outfits, especially now that my hands are full with the girls!

This makes it so so easy to run errands, jump in and out of the car, and like I said workouts! Now I can be hands free since my holster is always attached to me!

They come in tons of colors and even prints now!

I can never go wrong with black so of course that was my top choice. It is also customizable to your phone, so mine fits my 6S+ perfectly!

I’ve received nothing but compliments and crazy looks in grocery stores- haha 

This will be my go-to accessory all autumn long!

Thanks again to Luis at LD !!!

When life gives you lemons…and denim

Hey guys! It’s been 3 weeks postpartum and I’m already antsy staying in the house too much! It’s also the first official day of fall, so I decided to get out of the house and complete a DIY activity! This denim Jean jacket!

I’ve had this jacket for over a year and I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I wanted to destroy it with rips or bleach it. With the baby here I stayed wayyyy away from bleach and decided to whip out the blades haha

Interstate Co sent me this hat and I was alllll over it! First of all the lemonade sold me because Bey Bey Bey! Total Queen, and exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Labor surprised me and once again I feel like superwoman.

There’s a bee next to the glass, and that’s me. Bringing the honey to the hive…making lemons into lemonade…taking what life throws at me and coming back stronger, and sweeter.

I know I’ll be featuring this hat more, because mom-life means no time for hair. As real as it gets, with yesterday’s makeup.

Check out their Instagram for more styles! ➡️ Interstate Co

Back + in all black!

September is already almost over, so what better way to kick into fall than some comfy boots?! It’s been almost 3 weeks since Ivory’s arrival and let me tell you, I’ve been dyingggg to try these boots on!

These super high rise thigh-highs are insane! They come in black, grey, and tan!

Not only am I always in love with a pointy-toe, but the chunky heel is another huge selling point for me!

I was told to give an honest review…so here’s my opinion. If you are to purchase these, and you have 0 thigh gap, you need to go up a size. I wanted the belt to come up higher and due to my thighs, everything pulled downward. I will be getting a bigger size ASAP. I can’t wait to wear these with pants under (which is my other downfall)…. if I tried to even put a legging underneath these would not come up!

If you need an idea for thigh-to-foot-size ratio, I am about 138lbs right now, 5’4ish and these are a size 7 US foot! They are sending me a size 8 instead!

As you can see I chose all black to try and pretend I didn’t just give birth, for a “slimming” effect. I’m in noooo rush to bounce back so quickly but I really wanted to review these before I couldn’t fit them anymore, haha 

I’ve been back to my workouts which have made my legs beef up a little bit-no complaints, I just want to get use out of these amazing boots.

Succchhhhh Rihanna vibes around here, and I love it.

Also I will be talking about the “holster” I’m wearing in a different post. I’ve been in love since Toronto, and they sent me one just in time having my hands full with two little girls!

The boots are from EGO which is actually based out of the U.K.

If you sign up on their site right now you will receive an email for 15% off!

Ladies you NEED a pair of Ego shoes, take a look at their Instagram EGOofficial

A day with De La Luna

As I’ve been saying in the past few posts, we’ve been recieving so many nice gifts, it’s been so amazing!

Not only have the girls been spoiled, but now I’m receiving endless goodies as well! They are making me feel beautiful!

I collaborated with De La Luna and modeled this beautiful timeless necklace!

It is the perfect length, especially since I always layer my jewelry! It comes in gold, silver, and rose gold.

I figured I whip out this body suit before summer is seriously over!

Head over to their artsy shop at ➡️ DLL

And also, give their Instagram a follow ➡️ DLL

‘Til next time!

                                   Xx, 4O1Fierce

Twist Shake Baby!

  Hey hey!

It’s almost been 2 weeks already with both girls at home, and endless gifts! I received the cutest bottle in the mail, and now I want to collect all colors! Twist Shake Baby Sent me this bright yellow anti-colic bottle, and although Ivory is too young for the 9oz, I can’t wait to use this!

Right now it’s almost half the size of her! But my favorite part about this is the container inside! You obviously remove it and can store formula, or snacks!

Right now my mommy readers can grab 20% off using my code ‘kashhmarieee20’

Old Navy Neutrals


James took a day off today so we could get all of our appointments over with and let me tell you, it was so so relaxing! To get out of the house and breathe some fresh air made me feel almost back to normal again, haha!

I’ve been staring at the walls of my house for 8 days, and James says to me “Kash when are you gonna blog Ive”

It was a semi-decent nice day today so we decided to take some quick photos while both of the girls were content (this was so crazy)!

Avynn was excited to show off her sister though!

All that fits now are dresses, and I don’t mind at all, when I’m home it’s pjs only!

I’ve been obsessed with Old Navy lately for the girls! I found amazing deals, and under Ivories wrap is actually the cutest little pink jumper from Old Navy!

Avynn likes my dress too, look at her haha

We will keep this short and sweet! It’s time to settle down and it’s only 7pm?! Dinner and movies, we are getting the hang of this (slowly but surely)

And as you can tell, Ave is so happy as big sis!

                                 Xx, 4O1Fierce

Ivory Elle’s arrival!

Hey!!! So it’s official, Ivory Elle made her arrival August 31 at 12:36pm. She was 9lb 1.4oz and 20.5″ long. Only a few ounces less and an inch shorter than our Avynn, haha. We were 5 days past our due date and we finally went in Wednesday morning! Today marks 1 week that we’ve been a family of 4, and let me tell you…its been insane!

Don’t get me wrong, Avynn has been a great helper and she’s obsessed with her sister, but trying to get into a routine has been the ultimate struggle! 3 girls getting ready has been impossible haha. I’ve been enjoying pjs and movies as I stay home with the girls!

We had our family visit in the hospital and as soon as we got home I had a pile of mail waiting for me! There were so many amazing companies congratulating our family and sending endless gifts!

The first gift I wanted to talk about in today’s post was this bamboo muslin baby swaddle from Oobydoobybaby!

The comfort of this blanket is ridiculous! It’s so soft and it’s actually the largest one I’ve ever seen. As Ivory grows I think we will transform the blanket from a swaddle to a thin beach blanket for next summer!

At the hospital we got over 5 compliments from different nurses about how much they love it! 

I just want to thank Karen again for sending us this beautiful gift! Please check out her site in the original link above and to all of my mommy readers make sure to follow them on Instagram @Oobydoobybaby!

Also, a few of you have sent emails asking to share my birth story on my blog and at this time I would only like to answer questions under this post!

We made it through to one week with two girls at home, and now it’s time to finally jump in the shower!