Old Navy Neutrals


James took a day off today so we could get all of our appointments over with and let me tell you, it was so so relaxing! To get out of the house and breathe some fresh air made me feel almost back to normal again, haha!

I’ve been staring at the walls of my house for 8 days, and James says to me “Kash when are you gonna blog Ive”

It was a semi-decent nice day today so we decided to take some quick photos while both of the girls were content (this was so crazy)!

Avynn was excited to show off her sister though!

All that fits now are dresses, and I don’t mind at all, when I’m home it’s pjs only!

I’ve been obsessed with Old Navy lately for the girls! I found amazing deals, and under Ivories wrap is actually the cutest little pink jumper from Old Navy!

Avynn likes my dress too, look at her haha

We will keep this short and sweet! It’s time to settle down and it’s only 7pm?! Dinner and movies, we are getting the hang of this (slowly but surely)

And as you can tell, Ave is so happy as big sis!

                                 Xx, 4O1Fierce