Back + in all black!

September is already almost over, so what better way to kick into fall than some comfy boots?! It’s been almost 3 weeks since Ivory’s arrival and let me tell you, I’ve been dyingggg to try these boots on!

These super high rise thigh-highs are insane! They come in black, grey, and tan!

Not only am I always in love with a pointy-toe, but the chunky heel is another huge selling point for me!

I was told to give an honest review…so here’s my opinion. If you are to purchase these, and you have 0 thigh gap, you need to go up a size. I wanted the belt to come up higher and due to my thighs, everything pulled downward. I will be getting a bigger size ASAP. I can’t wait to wear these with pants under (which is my other downfall)…. if I tried to even put a legging underneath these would not come up!

If you need an idea for thigh-to-foot-size ratio, I am about 138lbs right now, 5’4ish and these are a size 7 US foot! They are sending me a size 8 instead!

As you can see I chose all black to try and pretend I didn’t just give birth, for a “slimming” effect. I’m in noooo rush to bounce back so quickly but I really wanted to review these before I couldn’t fit them anymore, haha 

I’ve been back to my workouts which have made my legs beef up a little bit-no complaints, I just want to get use out of these amazing boots.

Succchhhhh Rihanna vibes around here, and I love it.

Also I will be talking about the “holster” I’m wearing in a different post. I’ve been in love since Toronto, and they sent me one just in time having my hands full with two little girls!

The boots are from EGO which is actually based out of the U.K.

If you sign up on their site right now you will receive an email for 15% off!

Ladies you NEED a pair of Ego shoes, take a look at their Instagram EGOofficial

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