When life gives you lemons…and denim

Hey guys! It’s been 3 weeks postpartum and I’m already antsy staying in the house too much! It’s also the first official day of fall, so I decided to get out of the house and complete a DIY activity! This denim Jean jacket!

I’ve had this jacket for over a year and I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I wanted to destroy it with rips or bleach it. With the baby here I stayed wayyyy away from bleach and decided to whip out the blades haha

Interstate Co sent me this hat and I was alllll over it! First of all the lemonade sold me because Bey Bey Bey! Total Queen, and exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Labor surprised me and once again I feel like superwoman.

There’s a bee next to the glass, and that’s me. Bringing the honey to the hive…making lemons into lemonade…taking what life throws at me and coming back stronger, and sweeter.

I know I’ll be featuring this hat more, because mom-life means no time for hair. As real as it gets, with yesterday’s makeup.

Check out their Instagram for more styles! ➡️ Interstate Co

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