Free hands + my Holster 

Burr! I can feel fall in the air already, and of course it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for…considering I’ve been sticky and pregnant all summer!

Before it gets too chilly and we start to see the s word ‘snow’, I’ve decided to move my workouts outside. We live right across the street from a bike path, so getting out of the house has no excuse to follow!

A few months back one of my favorite brands to exist, sent me the perfect pregnancy gift! This holster I’ve been wearing for weeks!

LD West Has been a love of mine since I left Toronto! I used to travel their at least once a month last summer and it’s been so so long. These leather holsters held my phone and wallet for so many nights out.
Ladies it is so necessary, so you never have to lose your phone/ID again!

For me, it seems as if my nights out will be gone forever now that I’m a mom of 2! However, my holster has come even more a part of my daily outfits, especially now that my hands are full with the girls!

This makes it so so easy to run errands, jump in and out of the car, and like I said workouts! Now I can be hands free since my holster is always attached to me!

They come in tons of colors and even prints now!

I can never go wrong with black so of course that was my top choice. It is also customizable to your phone, so mine fits my 6S+ perfectly!

I’ve received nothing but compliments and crazy looks in grocery stores- haha 

This will be my go-to accessory all autumn long!

Thanks again to Luis at LD !!!

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