Lena Japon looks!

Hey everyone! It’s already going into the second-and chilly week of October! I looooove this month because hello I turn the big 2-5!

What comes along with these chilly months is dry skin-eek. My absolute favorite thing to do is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Although I’ve never considered my skin to be “flawless,” I’ve always gotten compliments on it.

Once I decided to quit indoor tanning I began moisturizing like crazzzzy, and I recently collaborated with Lena Japon which is an amazing all natural brand based out of Tokyo!

They sent me the cutest little travel kit with amazing goodies! My travel kit was made up of 4 products! The first item was a LJ moist bar! I used this first to wash and exfoliate!

Next I used both LJ Moist Balance moisturizers in ‘light’ and ‘rich’

I’m obsessed with the smell and texture of both! They are so light weight and have so much coverage with just a small amount!

Lastly she sent me the LJ Moist Shimmer UV! Because I’ll be outdoors today shooting for the blog, I decided to use this as a top coat! Below is a tiny clip from a full tutorial video that I’m unsure if I will post. I haven’t broken into the YouTube world yet, so we shall see!

All LJ products will be available in the US this December! As for now, follow them on Instagram for updates! ➡️ LJUSA …also if you are interested in purchasing from them before December I can help you out just shoot me an email!

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