Ladies in Lanoosh

It’s officially so so chilly already, so when we received these matching dresses my first thought was layers! Since Avynn was born we’ve always matched, mostly because since James and I were 13 we used to match our outfits in school…people always called us corny haha

Although Ave and I always matched we never had identical clothing until these were sent to us from Lanoosh !

I decided to try and make our outfits more “in season,” by throwing some fringe details together! I also tied the dress up for a tunic-style. 

Other than the fact that I’m already super pale, I wanted to layer the dress with some cut off jeans to stay warm, and add balance to our outfits!

If you haven’t noticed already, I completely chopped my hair! Well not me, but my go-to friend and hair queen Complex Beauty did! We are doing something crazy to my hair right after Halloween and my birthday! 

Avynn was so obsessed with her dress, and we spent James’ day off in Newport. Everyone was driving by and riding their bikes by taking photos of us, they loved the matching outfits!

Pretty soon Ivory will be able to match us too! Check out Lanoosh on Instagram as well!  ➡️ Lanoosh

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