White out!

Hey guys!! 

These gloomy days are worrying me, yikes…snow will be right around the corner, so I’m slowly whipping out my transition wardrobe! 

I firmly believe neutrals tones over rule anything, everyday! A simple pair of white jeans can turn any outfit chic, and ladies stop being scared of wearing white after Labor Day! Haha I’ve always surpassed all rules and decide to wear whatever works for me!

I’m obsessed with high neck sweaters this season, and I love to transform fall/winter looks into spring and summer, pairing the same sweater with some denim shorts! 

I decided to spend a day in Newport!

Keeping it simple is my favorite, especially since I gave birth and none of my clothes fit anymore (no complaints). The oversized clothing has always been my favorite, and I’m glad that we are going into the colder months while I’m still 2 months postpartum. I layer everything!! 

This thin beige jacket I’ve had for almost 3 seasons, I believe it’s from H&M! And can’t you tell I’m still obsessing over my little New Balance!

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