Diffusing on the daily!

Hey guys, can you believe it’s seriously December 1 tomorrow?! Pregnancy made my summer season fly, and it’s almost 2017 already! Scary, but so exciting!!

Best time of the year, but worse season for sickness! An amazing company called Vitality Extracts sent me my new favorite that I couldn’t wait until Friday to share with all of you!! 

I received one of their car diffusers and let.me.tell.you!!! 

You can use any aroma therapy oils (depending on your mood) and make every car ride more relaxing! If you’re from Rhode Island you know how insanely annoying R.I. Drivers can be in the rain….

I’ve been using a few drops of tea tree oil to soothe my sinuses and get rid of Avynn’s sniffles! Having a newborn is also great inspiration to turn the diffuser on!!

​I posted earlier today a small demo on my Instagram of turning on the diffuser after I completed these steps:

1). Add water (I fill halfway)

2). Add 3 drops of tea tree (or other desired oil)

You can head to my Instagram here to view my short demo @Kashhmarieee

Tonight at 9pm I am opening my giveaway for 3 prizes! The first prize will be given to the person who tags the most friends on my diffuser post. (They must also follow my page to qualify) 

Two other prizes will be a Hamsa bracelet for positive vibes! These bracelets contain a stone that absorbs any essential oil you drip onto it! Amazing right? 

In order to enter the giveaway you must head to my Instagram @Kashhmarieee :

1). Make sure you’re following my page!

2). Like my diffuser demo video + Tag 2 friends ( or more if you want to win the diffuser) these friends must also follow my page and like my post

3). Finally, head to @VitalityExtracts Instagram page and follow them

I will be choosing the 3 lucky winners on Friday December 2! 

Good luck!!!! 

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