Road Trippin’

Guyssss I’m so so so excited to leave this freezing R.I weather and lay peaceful with the palm trees! Every year since forever James and I have gone down south during March for our Anniversary, but this year we start early!!

We always drive down, it’s such a great experience traveling through 10 states, we love to stop at little farmers markets (it’s our thing). 
Also, this week James and I announced we will soon be launching our YouTube channel!! I’m so pumped! 

So, I’ve been nothing but comfy lately, and surprisingly I’m seeing results at 4 months postpartum and couldn’t feel happier! I finally felt ‘not-so-bloated’ enough to throw on my onesie from OnePiece and guys I’m so in love! They sent me two different styles, one can be seen on my Instagram, the other I’ll be focusing on today! 

The one I’ve been living in lately is skin-tight, and the comfiest! 

The One piece comes in a ton of colors, but you know me I’m super neutral! 

Also I’ve been so so in love with this weekender bag from ModaLuxe! It’s so soft, and the perfect size! 

I feel I’m my most confident when I’m comfortable and this outfit screams comfy!

I’m heading out, I still have a ton to pack! You’ll be seeing more from me soon! In the meantime head to Moda and use my discount code ‘ 4o1fierce20%off’ to save some mulahhh on their perfect bags!! 

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