Cooking with Kash! 

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are finally back home from vacation, and slowly getting back into the swing of things! 

While away I made sure 100% to keep up with my workouts, and let me tell you dedicationfor sure brings results.

Since forever I’ve always eaten heavy, because when I was younger I struggled to gain a pound. I was super self conscious (I know it sounds insane). My entire family knew how much it bugged me, and I finally talked to a doctor. I begain to drink protein shakes, and not kidding nothing worked for me. My metabolism was so so fast.

It wasn’t until I had children that I grew hips and grew pounds. Now anything I eat, for sure shows.

On vacation I would do a huge workout followed by a nice light and fresh meal! And let me tell you, I felt amazing! 

So naturally, our first few nights at home I felt guilty when James asked if I wanted fried food, so instead we ran to the store and I grabbed a bunch of fresh goodies!

Other than chicken I’ve been on a huge fish-kick for protein! I grabbed some shrimp and veggies and created the easiest dish! 

First I chopped up a Viladia onion, organic yellow squash, organic green squash, mushrooms, and garlic. 

I put my seasonings right on the cutting board- some basil and salt/pepper 

Next I poured 3 teaspoons of organic coconut oil in a sauté pan, with 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 chopped 1 clove of garlic, and 3 teaspoons of low sodium soy sauce.

Funny thing is, I realllllllly despise the smell of coconut oil and only decided to use this because we’ve been so sick and I haven’t been able to smell. Ironic thing is, is that as soon as I started cooking the steam actually cleared up my sinuses and that’s all I could smell-yuck!

I sautéed the vegetables until soft (I loooove my squash mushy, haha)

Next I washed and took the shells off of a half pound of small shrimp cocktail.

After the veggies were ready I scooped them onto a plate, leaving the juice in the sauté pan to cook the shrimp with! 

I added a few drops more of low sodium soy, as well as some Montreal Steak seasoning and the juice from half of a lemon! I feel that using a meats seasoning helps trick the mind!

I let the shrimp simmer until a little browned!

All together this was a quick and simple meal, that actually filled me and didn’t bloat me-surprisingly because of having soy! 

This was a perfect alternative to going out for Hibachi! 

One thing I can’t ever resist is adding cheese to everything-it’s bad, I’ll never stop!

I sprinkled some fresh Parmesan on the veggies! (The serving dishes above were not demolished my just me by the way haha)

I could get used to this, any questions about this meal feel free to send an email! James and I will be featuring Fresh Fried Friday on our Youtube channel!

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