Navy, baby 

Sheesh everyone it’s been wayyy too long. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting lately, and have made some big moves to improve my future.I will be completing my Bachelors degree finally

I’ll keep this post today short and sweet! If you’re ever feeling unsure of yourself, take a step back. Going on a family vacation allowed me to really clear my head. I battle a lot with my thoughts, and I’m finding clarity when I enjoy memories rather than sitting on social media watching others enjoy theirs. We are the generation of a technology boom, and don’t get me wrong, social media is all about networking and can for sure be helpful. It’s the amount of time and acknowledgement you give it. I needed to re-evaluate and get my goals up and going again!

But now, I’m back, and in Navy, baby!

I couldn’t wait for warmer weather to rock this pretty pinkish cut out tank! This can be found at Pom Pom ! 

My jacket is a vintage suede, and I love the floral embroidery, so girly!!

Perfect balance of nuetrals + navy! What helps you all get out of that funk? For me, it’s relaxing with my family to clear my head. And oh! Of course distracting myself with dressing up, just to go to dinner, haha! 

With all of the craziness surrounding us lately, remember what matters. Education, Love, positive people surrounding you, and never losing focus of your goals; regardless of how far they may be, or difficult! 

                Happy Monday everyone!!! 

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