Ready for ya!

Hey everyone! As I say time and time again, “it’s been awhile.” “Momming,”Blogging, capturing photos, writing in general, and “modeling,” have been ways to merge all of my passions into one. 

I started this blog to write and use it as an outlet while I was pregnant. I soon turned it into a way to inspire other pregnant women who were reading. Regardless of what this has turned into; when I’m not doing it, I miss it. 

I just landed an amazing job and this is the biggest factor with not hopping on here! You will see a lot more of me now, as I begin to introduce a brand that I’m obsessed with! I am all about supporting your locals, but this women has gone a long way! She’s had her work in Museums, Universities, and Magazines all around the world. Andrea Valentini is a lifestyle brand, whom I am now the Creative Director of!!! She hand makes Vegan, textured hand bags and accessories, as well as house items!! 

I am ecstatic about this journey and I hope you all love following up with us too! You will see amazing accessories and handbags on my blog, so I wanted to make a point that this blog post will be my last post featuring none-the-less-of AV!

This set was taken the morning of my first day on the job! I hope you all enjoy and please follow me on Instagram at @Kashhmarieee as well as @AndreaValentini to keep up with a new and HUGE project we are working on! 

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